Public housing a hot button issue at dialogue

May 1, 2013

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) should tighten its rules to make flats “more home, less asset”, according to the majority of participants at a recent dialogue on housing issues held at the National Library. Several participants stated that meeting the housing needs of Singaporeans should be HDB’s priority as opposed to seeing flats as appreciating assets, reported The Straits Times.They added that flats should not be sub-let so easily or owned by those who can afford private properties.  Some participants also suggested that new citizens and permanent residents (PRs) should be governed by different rules from born-and-bred citizens, like a longer minimum occupation period in their flats.

Oh give the foreigners again the fault of everything! It’s a group of Singaporeans that is fucking of the other group of Singaporeans, that is the hard truth behind of it. For example, I was renting a HDB in AMK for $2600 each month, a simple small 3 room HDB. The owners where living in a new private property. Why indeed are people allowed to use public housing to make money with? That is indeed stupid! But these people are BORN-AND-BRED citizens and not new immigrants or PRs!!! Most of the home owners who renting there units out are BORN-AND-BRED citizens, living in a private property or with their parents.

HDB should make a few new laws to protect HDBs, you should only be able to own a HDB unit when you really LIVE in the unit and forbid anyone to rent it out. Of course sadly many foreigners are not able to rent a HDB unit anymore and HDB should provide some units in each block for renting.


Why should new citizens and PRs governed by different rules? Some questions about that…

  1. They pay tax in this country too and should be governed equal to anyone else or does these ‘born-and-bred’ citizens forgetting their own pledge?
  2. Why should the ancestors from these ‘born-and-bred’ citizens have the right before to have the same priveleges but now they have a good life and the new immigrants have not anymore the same rights and privileges and treated as trash???

Singapore mustn’t become an ‘angry and bitter’ society

April 17, 2013

I, too, agree that Singaporeans must learn to be thankful for what we have.Most of us are blessed with shelter over our heads, good food on the table, a job and our children can go to school.
I’m a stay-at-home mum and I’m thankful that I can be home to take care of my two boys when my husband is working hard at his job.
I’m thankful that we can put food on the table, the children can study and we can enjoy the simple joys of life. Activities like going to the park, cycling or playing at the playground doesn’t cost us.

Recently, our family was privileged to go for a holiday in Sapporo, Hokkaido. We noticed that the Japanese are very polite and patient. They speak with smiles on their faces and the salesperson standing in Daimaru greeted everyone happily who passed them by despite having stood the whole day. We were very impressed. Nobody rushed at the buffet and they only took what they wanted to eat and could finish. The restrooms were clean and the places were not dirty. We were very impressed.

Two days ago, I visited a terminally ill church member at Dover Park hospice. After I left, I’m so thankful for the foreign nurses attending to the patients. Without them, who would do such jobs and with love and patience at that. Singaporeans are too spoilt.

I think we must learn to be thankful for our country. We must also be more gracious to foreign talents if they are really sincere in working and contributing to our economy.

Singapore should be a kind, gracious and loving country. Not complaining, angry and bitter. Then it will be a better place to live in. It’s the people that make Singapore.

Source Yahoo

Having kids is not about incentives, but commitment

April 17, 2013

When the government first announced the enhanced marriage and parenthood package, a couple of friends immediately messaged me and asked if I was considering having a third child. After all, I now get more money, they said. But my answer was a firm “no”. I am stopping at 2 and 2 is more than enough in Singapore.

My friends have got it all wrong. From the very beginning, it’s not money that’s the root of the problem. Yes, I agree that the standard of living in Singapore is extremely high but with the little money that the government is giving, it doesn’t help much anyway. What difference does it make? Practically none.

Having a kid is not about money. I am sure all parents are clear about their financial condition even before they consider having a kid.

Do they have enough savings to start off a family, buy the basic necessities such as a baby cot, clothes and can they afford monthly expenses such as milk powder and diapers. No parent will say “let have a kid first and then we wait and use the cash from the government for the kid”.

So it’s not about money. Then what is it all about? Why are people not giving birth?

I look around my friends, my colleagues and I look at myself… it’s the commitment, the responsibility that scares people off. I have a colleague who have been married for 10 years and he and his wife refuse to have a kid.

They get to go on romantic holidays as and when they want, they go golfing in Malaysia and Indonesia every weekend, go drinking and karaoke after work, enjoying life to the fullest while me, I have to rush back home everyday after work, gulp down my dinner and have a quick shower because my baby girl, after not seeing me for the entire day, is clinging on to me like a koala bear and cries once I leave her sight.

Over the weekend, I continue to hear the shouts and cries of the kids and suffer from the perpetual lack of sleep and go to work everyday like a walking zombie.

There are good, happy times with my kids too, times when they make me smile and laugh and think I am most lucky to have them in my life but there are people out there that rather enjoy life than to subject themselves to such “torment”.

Not to mention, going from a relationship to two happily married to having kids, your relationship with your husband/wife will never be the same ever again. We do see couples divorcing because they can’t work out the differences after having kids, so some couples choose to be happily married ever after without having kids rather than to have to argue over and scream and run after kids. You can say they are selfish but if they can’t commit to such a huge responsibility, why force them to?

As a working mother, I constantly question myself and feel extremely guilty on why I have kids when I can’t take care of them myself (even though my mother-in-law is taking good care of them) just because I have to work. And it’s tough for my mother-in-law taking care of both but we tried to enrol my son into a nearby full day childcare and it’s all full and we are forever on the wait list. There are vacancies elsewhere but the fee is S$1,000 per month, jolly well out of my budget.

So if a couple is willing to have kids, yes they will go ahead and have kids, regardless of their financial condition because no matter what they will make things work.

But if they are not willing to have kids, no matter whatever benefits are pushed to them, they will not have kids… certainly they won’t say, ‘let’s have kids now since the government is giving us money’.

source Yahoo

Geylang in Sembawang

March 20, 2013

Police raided an area of forest in Sembawang on Tuesday, arresting a total of 40 men and 10 at a makeshift open-air brothel there. The brothel had been in operation along Sembawang Drive in the direction of Admiralty Road, about a kilometre from workers’ dorms.

Nice for the locals, they don’t have to drive anymore to Geylang. Just kidding of course, perfect that the police arrest them and I hope that not only these girls are jailed but these 40 men too.

The posting got immediately comments with terms such as ‘chinaman’, ‘bangla’ and ‘FROM CHINA, THAILAND AND VIETNAM’. Other comment was

” Again we blame the PAP. Why this political party always get blamed for all the wrongdoings by Foreign talents huh?? I know!! Because they invited them here right? ”

” Should deport all this potential aids carrier a.s.a.p.All this so called ft. ”  (note: ft means Foreign Talents)

Who says that one of these girl is not a Singaporean? There are enough local girls working in the prostitution too. And who is probably running this brothel? Yes, SINGAPOREANS!!! Singaporeans who using foreign workers, underpay these girls and running illegal business. Without that LOCAL GUY, they were never able to do this at all. Thanks the LOCAL GUY these girls were working there!… hope that guy also get arrested!!!

Foreigners beat up in Singapore

March 19, 2013

A scuffle broke out at Clarke Quay early this morning at McDonald’s Liang Court outlet at after a girl claimed she was molested, leaving two foreigners bloodied.

According to a report in Shin Min Daily News, they had been bashed up by two other men, who had responded after the woman had shouted ‘molest’.

The woman’s two other female friends, with whom she had entered the McDonald’s for breakfast, related that the two caucasian men had touched their friend first, which prompted the scuffle.

From the pictures, a great deal of blood could be seen on the floor of the restaurant following the fight.

Wondering or this is a pure racism against the foreigners. Why 2 strangers immediately reacting like that and molesting these 2 foreigners? Would they reacted the same when those 2 guys were Singaporean-Chinese? Would the lady reacted the same and yelling ‘molested’ when these 2 guys were not foreigner but Singaporean-Chinese? Did the girl already approached them before but these guys ignored her and she reacted like that??? Come on, see how she is dressed, she can be easy a working girl or a SPG hopeless looking to get married with a white guy. These guys should know that boh siah girls hang out so late around such areas looking to “trap” innocent men….

Anyway, the 2 guys who bashed at anyone guys whom the girl “shouted” molest should refrain themselves. Unless you see it with your eyes, then you can bash them. I know some guys can over-react to pretend to be hero in front of the girls. Some girls like to over-react and shout molest over anything too. Imagine if you bump on a girl behind you in a train accidentally, then she shout molest. Others beat you up. That’s one example scenario.

The girl and the 2 asian men are working together. The girl is using the molest argument to extort money and if that does not work the men use violence to threaten the victim. We have seen a story in stop about a local Singaporean guy with his family in Chinatown around CNY, a girl claims molest in the crowd and “bystanders” act aggressively. The family paid up.

It is complete wrong to hit unless you witnessed the molest by yourself. And then it would be more proper, to detain the guys while calling the police. Don’t need to act tough and hit people until bleeding all over. I hope they get charged. Also, if the 2 white guys are guilty, hope they get charged too, if not, hope the ah lian get charged!!!!

And why should these 2 guys molest her? She is so fucking ugly!!!


March 2, 2013

We all know that Gestapo website, STOMP! If you see anyone in Singapore doing something what is not proper, take a photograph and publish it on this website. That will learn who they are and to behave normal. Most of the times are these posts about nothing and only showcases how narrow minded some Singaporeans are.

Like this one, a Singaporean young guy who serves currently the NS at the Singaporean Air Force, sit downstairs on the void deck with some friends and to smoke a cigaret. He take some pictures and post that on his Facebook. Nothing wrong with of course, except in Singapore where it is forbidden to have fun. Someone spots his pictures and reported that on the national gestapo website.

And he post even:

“In said pictures, the serviceman can be seen with his shirt unbuttoned, cigarette and lighter in hand, spotting a messy and unkempt hairstyle at a void deck.

“He also took pictures with this girl at the void deck, in clear view of the public, which clearly shows the top button being unbuttoned.

“The RSAF is a First Class Air Force, and this kind of unbecoming behaviour may cause the public to have a negative impression towards the Armed Forces.

“I strongly feel that these pictures being circulated online are very misleading and inappropriate to the public and would jeopardize the reputation of the Armed Forces.

“If one is unable to even behave properly in public while in uniform, how can the nation depend on such individuals on matters regarding our safety?

“This NSF should be dealt with accordingly.”

Come on narrow minded freak. Go find a job or something and stop reporting people about nothing. So what that his shirt is unbuttoned and he smokes a cigarette. Maybe that guy is tired of a day hard working and want to relax a little bit. That are normal things for a normal person but it seems that you are totally fucked up and very very narrow minded. Why to report someone whoes does into your eyes something ‘wrong’. Are you perfect? Do you never something what is not right? That means you are not a human, each human makes a mistake sometimes, that makes us human. But of course this robot can’t understand that. Typical a Singaporean mindset, sorry to say that! Even worse is that gestapo website, STOMP, it even permit to post this kind of crap… says much more about the quality of journalism in Singapore than about this young man…

Chinese domination in Singaporean Opposition Parties

February 24, 2013

Singapore has a few opposition parties and most of them are very China orientated, especially parties such as SPP, NSP and the WP. Their main target is to have a democratic political system in Singapore and favoring Singaporean Citizens above the rest of the population. I don’t call these parties very democratic at all. The Chinese stamp in these parties are very dominating the party.

National Solidarity Party (NSP)

Take for example the council of NSP (1):

President: Sebastian Teo
Vice-President: Jeannette Chong Aruldoss
Secretary-General: Hazel Poa
Assistant Secretary-General: Reno Fong
Treasurer: Noraini Bte Yunus
Assistant-Treasurer: Steve Chia
Organising Secretary: Ivan Yeo
Assistant Organising Secretary: Raymond Chua
Webmaster: Elvin Ong
Council Member: Kwan Yue Keng, Tony Tan, Tan Chee Kien, Yip Yew Weng, Nicole Seah, Syafarin Bin Sarif (head of NSP Malay Office) and Gan Theng Wei.

I do notice a lot of Singaporean-Chinese in this council what does not reflect the population of Singapore nor the demographics of Singaporean-Citizens. Of the 16 members are only two Malay and zero Indian and zero others, which is only 12.5% of the council while by the official stats of SingStats, 26% of the Singaporean Residents are non-Chinese and from the entire population, 45% are non Singaporean-Chinese. NSP has total NO INDIANS in their council while they belong to one of the three main groups of Singapore.

To be political correct, NSP should at least have 4 non-Chinese members in their council and if we follow the population statistics, 7 members. If you call yourself a solidarity party, you should at least have solidarity towards the other racial groups in Singapore too.

The NSP core value is:

NSP believes in the human potential, dignity and rights of all people regardless of race, language and religion. The Party is committed towards the building of a more open, dynamic, vibrant and inclusive society through consensus and the democratic process. It also values the contribution of each and every member towards the promotion of its potential cause. The Party activates its core values through its motto: Building A Society For All.

Why then the populist politics to favor Singaporean Citizen over foreigners who also contribute to this country and pay their taxes. If NSP really wants to build a society for all, they should not favor citizens and have more non-Chinese members in their council on important positions.

Singapore People’s Party (SPP)

I also wanted to check the SPP website but I got a serious warning from my Chrome browser that the website contains malware. So I decided not to check it at all but so far I know, the entire council of the SPP still consists only of Singaporean-Chinese.

Chairman: Loh Woon Lee, Lina
Secretary-General: Chiam See Tong
Vice Chairman: Jason Leong Oi Mun
Council Members: Jay Ting, Yong Seng Fatt, Yen Kim Khooi, Toh Hock seng, Han Jook Kuang, Raj Nath Rai and Lee Kee Yang.

Of the 10 people are NON MALAY OR INDIAN OR OTHERS. If this party should be political correct, they should at least have 3 to 4 non Singaporean-Chinese members in their council. Other undemocratic issue of this party is that the wife of Chiam See Tong is holding the Chairman position and not one of younger candidates. This makes the SPP the MOST CHINESE POLITICAL PARTY in Singapore and disrespecting the multi-cultural identity of Singapore!!! To make it even worse, the SPP post their messages on their website also in Chinese. Why not in all the four official language of Singapore and only in Chinese????

Singapore People's Party secretary-general Chiam See Tong gives his views on the population white paper. (Screengrab of YouTube video)

The SPP is very dominated by 77 year old veteran Chiam See Tong. In each country this kind of political leaders will not be taken very seriously anymore at all, except Singapore. I do respect his strength to continue the fight and what he has done in Potong Pasir all these years but he should as Lee Kuan Yew getting retired and leave the politics over to the younger new generations of politicians. They have to shape the country as they have to live in this country for the next 30 years. Instead of getting retired, Chiam See Tong appoints his own wife into the politics and he lost his long lasted seat in Potong Pasir in the last elections. In 2013, a group of former members of the SPP joined the DPP, including Benjamin Pwee who became the party’s Acting Secretary-General.

If Singaporeans wants a Singapore for Singaporeans only, vote indeed this guy as your next PM and all foreign companies and foreigners will voluntary rapidly move out of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta.

Workers Party (WP)

The only party with elected members in the parliament, 9 of them.

Sylvia Lim 林瑞莲, Chairman
Mohammed Rahizan bin Yaacob, Vice-Chairman
Low Thia Khiang 刘程强, Secretary-General
Yee Jenn Jong 余振忠, Treasurer
Frieda Chan Sio Phing 曾小玶, Deputy Treasurer
Ng Swee Bee 黄瑞美, Organising Secretary
Muhammad Faisal bin Abdul Manap, President WP Youth Wing
Gerald Giam Yean Song 严燕松, Media Team Chair
Jane Leong 龙秀金, Media Team Deputy Chair
Koh Choong Yong 许俊荣, Webmaster
Lee Li Lian 李丽连, Deputy Webmaster
Png Eng Huat 方荣发, Council Member
DrChen Show Mao 陈硕茂博士, Council Member
Glenda Han Su May 韩苏美, Council Member
Pritam Singh, Council Member (2)

I also do notice here again a lot of Singaporean-Chinese in the WP council and does not reflect the population of Singapore nor the demographics of Singaporean-Citizens. Of the 15 members are only two Malay and one Indian, which is only 20% of the council while by the official stats of SingStats, 26% of the Singaporean Residents are non-Chinese and from the entire population, 45% are non Singaporean-Chinese. To be political correct, the WP should at least have 4 non-Chinese members in their council and if we follow the population statistics, 7 members. But at least WP has all three races represented in their council compared to other parties but into my opinion, still very under-represented.

Also here, non Singaporean-Chinese members have are not heading one leading position in this political party such as Chairman, Secretary-General or Treasurer.

I notice that the WP is the only political party who list the names of their Singaporean-Chinese members in Chinese characters on their website. The Indian member, Pritam Singh, is not listed in Tamil characters what should be more fair to me and political correct.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

No-one from the DPP contested the 2011 general election. In 2013, a group of former members of the Singapore People’s Party joined the DPP, including Benjamin Pwee who became the party’s Acting Secretary-General.

Chairman – John Chiam
Vice-Chairman – Mohamad Hamim Aliyas
Acting Secretary-General – Benjamin Pwee
Assistant Secretary-General – Wilfred Leung
Treasurer – Winston Lim
Assistant Treasurer – Juliana Juwahir
Organising Secretary – Ting Tze Jiang
Assistant Organising Secretary – Sa’aban Ali

Three of the 8 council members are not Singaporean-Chinese and reflects the Singaporean society on a political correct way. Wish only that the non-Chinese were not only assistant but heading important positions within the party.

Reform Party (RP)

The has reform party council has 6 members, 2 Malay, 2 Indian and 2 Chinese (3). I think this is very equal and reflects on a democratic way the Singaporean society from a citizens perspective.

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

The SDP has also a nice healthy mixed of members, 8 Chinese, 2 Malay and 2 Indians. About 33% of the members are not Chinese and that is equal to the Singaporean population demographics. Each racial group of Singapore heads an important position in the council. Not one race dominates the other races.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General
Mr. John L. Tan, Assistant Secretary-General
Mr. Jufrie Mahmood, Chairman
Mr. Vincent Cheng, Vice-Chairman
Dr. Vincent Wijeysingha, Treasurer
Mr. John Law Swee Keat, Assistant Treasurer
Ms. Chee Siok Chin, Member
Mr. Sadasivam Veriyah, Member
Mr. Christopher Ang Siao Peng, Member
Mr. Francis Yong Chu Leong, Member
Mr. Mohd Isa, Member
Mr. Bryan Lim Boon Heng, Member

The SDP should be a role model for each political opposition party in Singapore, various races on important positions, all racial groups are equally represented and not dominated by only one race! That is true being democratic!

NSP urges a National Referendum

February 23, 2013

The National Solidarity Party have written letters to PM Lee Hsien Loong and President Tony Tan, urging them to call for a National Referendum on the population White Paper.

The letter to PM Lee noted that despite Parliament’s adoption, the majority of votes do not “reflect the views of Singaporeans because the PAP Members of Parliament clearly voted along party lines”.

“The future of this country is something that all Singaporeans have a stake in. It is only right that they should have a say in it as well. For this reason, we call on the Government to hold a National Referendum on the White Paper,” it concluded.

“In announcing your intention to run in the last Presidential Election, you had said, ‘I believe that the next President of Singapore may have to make very significant decisions that will affect the security and well‐being of all Singaporeans,'” said the letter.

Who says that the majority of the votes are not the personal opinions of the MP’s themselves. Yes of course they vote along party lines but the party have to convince them also why to vote in favor for the proposal. These MP’s are really not stupid and vote blindness what the party says but oversee the bigger picture of why our population has to grow to survive.

If you call yourself a National Solidarity Party you should have solidarity for all the races and people living in Singapore. Only what I hear is this press release is populist talk to favor again Singaporean Citizens above the rest of the population. The NSP is clearly forgetting that PR’s and Foreigners also helping to build this nation and pay their contribution to this country.

Singapore Companies Brace for Labor Curbs After Protest

February 22, 2013

Singapore will probably force companies to further reduce their reliance on foreign labor in the 2013 budget, after a public backlash against the influx of workers led to the biggest demonstration in more than a decade.

Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam may cut the ratio of overseas workers companies are allowed to hire, according to Credit Suisse Group AG. To counter any labor shortfall, there may also be incentives to boost productivity, economists at Citigroup Inc. and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. said ahead of the Feb. 25 budget presentation.

Thousands gathered in a rare political protest on Feb. 16, signaling concerns that foreigners are taking jobs from locals and driving up housing costs haven’t abated even after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong tightened hiring rules in recent years. Lee has warned that the labor curbs will slow economic growth, while rising costs are bedeviling businesses such as The King Louis restaurant, where all the full-time waiters are foreigners.

“I’m worried every time the budget comes around,” said Sebastian Teow, marketing manager at the medieval-themed restaurant. Teow is already struggling to fill positions at the outlet and coping with higher taxes for hiring overseas workers in recent years, he said. “We are really hoping there won’t be higher levies as they are eating into the profits.”

Growth Slows

Singapore’s economy grew 1.2 percent in 2012, the least in three years. The island is in a “new phase” of growth where it must adjust to a smaller pace of expansion, and hiring constraints are among the reasons for last year’s slowdown, the prime minister has said. The government forecasts growth of 1 percent to 3 percent this year.

“The ongoing challenge of sluggish growth coupled with a high-cost environment remains a hurdle to both businesses and workers alike,” said Selena Ling, an economist at Oversea- Chinese Banking in Singapore. The budget “needs to strike a balance between economic restructuring vis-a-vis manpower constraints and cost issues on the ground,” she said.

A report tomorrow may show the economy grew an annualized 2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012 from the previous three months, faster than an initial estimate of 1.8 percent, according to the median of 11 estimates in a Bloomberg survey.

Elsewhere in Asia today, Hong Kong’s jobless rate rose to 3.4 percent last month, while in Europe, purchasing managers indices for the region showed a deepening contraction in manufacturing and services in February. The U.S. will release consumer price data for January, while economists predict a separate report will show jobless claims rose in the week through Feb. 16.

Wage Supplements

Lee’s ruling party is facing weakening support in the island that it has governed for more than five decades. The rising number of foreigners has contributed to competition for jobs, congested public transportation and surging home prices. The resulting public discontent contributed to record opposition gains in the 2011 general election, and caused Lee’s party to lose a parliament seat in a January by-election.

Last week’s demonstration was against a population policy that may see the number of people on the island rise to 6.9 million by 2030 from 5.3 million now. Lawmakers from Lee’s party endorsed a white paper earlier this month that outlined proposals to allow more foreigners through 2030 to boost the workforce.

Tough Times

The white paper predicted total workforce growth will ease to 1 percent to 2 percent annually through 2020, compared with an average rate of 3.3 percent per annum in the last three decades. The projections are “tough” for businesses, said Ho Meng Kit, chief executive officer of theSingapore Business Federation, which represents more than 18,000 companies.

In 2012, the government cut the proportion of foreign workers that companies can hire, and increased levies for employing them. An Association of Small and Medium Enterprises survey last year showed more than eight in 10 companies are facing manpower shortages.

Under current limits, employers in the construction industry can hire as many as seven foreigners for every local worker, compared with a ratio of 1.5 for manufacturers and 0.8 for services companies. Monthly levies that companies have to pay for such workers may be as much as S$650 ($524) per employee in construction, S$550 in services and S$500 in manufacturing.

Worker Strike

SMRT Corp. (MRT), the island’s biggest subway operator, said in January that its profitability in the next 12 months will deteriorate in part as staff costs “significantly increase.” Dozens of SMRT’s bus drivers from China held Singapore’s first strike in 26 years in November over a wage dispute.

Unit labor costs rose 6.1 percent in the third quarter from a year earlier, Statistics Department data show. They may climb 3 percent to 4 percent in 2013, the central bank said in October.

“The likely continued pressure on wage costs will be negative for offshore and marine companies, domestic transport operators and exporters,” Sanjay Mookim and Kwee Hong Ching, research analysts at Credit Suisse, said in a research note.

Shanmugaratnam may also announce more assistance for the poor and bigger wage supplements for low-income earners when he presents the budget to Parliament next week, according to Citigroup economist Kit Wei Zheng.

Singapore’s income inequality as measured by the Gini coefficient widened last year, according to the Statistics Department. Inflation averaged 4.6 percent in 2012 and the island is the third-most expensive Asian city to live in and the sixth globally, according to an Economist Intelligence Unit ranking published this month.

Last year, the government said it will make permanent a program to provide cash, utility rebates and medical funds for elderly and low-income households.

“Helping the lower-income segment of the society is likely to remain on the top of the lists as Singapore strives to be an inclusive society,” Francis Tan and Jimmy Koh, analysts at United Overseas Bank Ltd. (UOB), wrote in a research note.

Original published at Yahoo, 22 February 2013.

6.9 Million – Part Two

February 20, 2013 posted the next 5 points on their website why each Singaporean should protest against 6.9 million people on this island (1). The reasons behind of it is really a joke and from a very nationalistic viewpoint against foreigners.

1. Limited physical space

By now, even our existing foreigner population should acknowledge the constraint we have on accepting another 1.5 million  new foreigners in our limited physical space.

But a lot of these foreigners will become one day Singaporean Citizen, same as the ancestors of each citizen in this country. Many many Singaporeans have suddenly forgotten that their parents or grand-parents were foreigners one day too.

Many Singaporeans have no choice but to stay at home during the weekend to avoid the over crowding at shopping malls and entertainment centres.

Singapore has also overtaken Hong Kong as the third most populated country in the world with a 7257 population per sq km to Hong Kong’s 6427. Macau and Monaco took the top two spots with 19, 488 and 16, 398 population per sq km respectively.

Nothing special on this, small city-states such as Singapore are always on the top of that list. They don’t have the luxury as the other countries to have enough space to build up their countries more spread out. They have to do it with a very small space. Whatever they do, they will be always the most populated countries in the world.

Overcrowding not only produces inherent stress within the population but also does not allow over worked Singaporeans the space to rest and rejuvenate.

Many have to drive to nearby JB to take a break or take short get-away trips via cheap budget airlines to nearby SE Asian cities.

Those who can’t drive have to make do with whatever space they can find within their tiny flats to recharge for the next day.

It is no wonder that the recent Gallop polls have found Singaporeans to be the least positive people in the world!

Mwahhhh… Singaporeans have the reputation to complain about everything and anything. That’s why they are the least positive people in the world. If its not the foreigners then they will find something else to complain about. It looks like or it is the national sport in this country. When they always complain during conversations about Singapore I ask them or they want to live in Malaysia or Indonesia, and when they said no, I tell them to shut up and don’t complain. Singaporeans should learn to respect how good their lives are compared with other southeast countries.

2. Skyrocketting property market

The current property market is one of the bullish I have seen since I started to buy my first BTO HDB flat almost  two decades ago.

Anything that you have bought before 2009 should have doubled in price by now and some have even tripled.

A friend bought a condominium at East Coast and  he has sold it off with a handsome profit of $1 million – all within five years.

A HUDC flat in Shunfu was recently sold for $1.33 million and Executive Condos mostly now market for around $1.5 million upwards.

It is no secret that most buyers of record-high properties are foreigners with ready cash to splash.

Eh, foreigners are not allowed to buy HDB, EC or Landed Properties in Singapore, so they are forced to buy other private properties (2).

Many do not even want to bargain and will pay you whatever price you are trying to sell!

It is envisaged that foreigners will occupy 30% of our private properties in the near future if the current trend is to continue.

Foreigners are counting 38% of the population and therefore normal that 33% of all properties are sold to foreigners as they are not allowed to buy HDB, EC and Landed Properties. Where these foreigners have to live else??? And who asking the higher cash to these foreigners, right yes, the SINGAPOREANS!!! Do you think that the foreigners like to pay these high expenses? They just pay it because they know it’s the normal market price in Singapore and the sellers think to make a huge profit of it. Different is that the foreigner don’t complain and the Singaporean does!

I visited Sentosa Cove recently for an event and saw that most occupiers of the multi-million properties belong to foreigners.

Sentosa Cove is the first project that was launched for foreigners to buy a landed property in Singapore. No wondering that most of them are foreigners. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH!!!

Do we want to see HDB resale properties selling at $400, 000 and above for 3-room flats denying newly-weds the opportunity of a good nest in a choice location?

HDB price has going up by Singaporeans as foreigner are NOT ALLOWED to buy any HDB unit in Singapore. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH!!!

Couples setting up a family can of course purchase cheaper  BTO units from HDB but why should Singaporeans be denied a chance to buy better HDB resale units just because the government allows in affluent foreigners by the hundreds of thousands with dubious financial disposition?

HDB price has going up by Singaporeans as foreigner are NOT ALLOWED to buy any HDB unit in Singapore. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH!!!