This is not a political manifest but a manifest with important points and advice to encourage the Singaporean Government to make changes that make this this little island livable for anyone who resides on this little red dot. Or you now Singaporean or Foreigner, we all are humans and have the RIGHT to be treated equally.

  1. Anti-Discrimination Laws
    1. Protecting of all foreigners in Singapore against racism and discrimination by Singaporeans. Violators should be punished in accordance of law.
    2. Regulation by law that derogatory and disrespectful terms such as ‘Nigger’ and ‘Ang Moh’ are forbidden to use in accordance of law and violation will be punished (1) (2).
    3. Prosecution against websites that stir up resentment against foreigners and other races in Singapore.
  2. Race Classification
    1. The end of race classification into Chinese, Malay, Indian and Others. This is classification of people based on their skin color. It’s a old fashion way to do so and do not belong in a modern multiracial society as Singapore. Mixed kids between 2 races have to choose for one race while they are both.
    2. More political correctness in racial ratio in political and government bodies. The domination of Singaporean-Chinese in this country is very huge while they only count for 52% of the population.
  3. Equality
    1. Foreigners who are residing in Singapore should be treated equal by the Singaporean Government compared to the citizens, except of course the right to vote.
    2. Costs for medical help, public school fees and other public services should be equal for anyone who pay their taxex in this country. Foreigners make also their contribution to this country and help to build this nation.
    3. We do REQUEST other countries in the world (especially the ASEAN countries), to treat Singaporeans in their countries also different as Singapore treat their citizens different in this country (1)
  4. English
    1. Stop to use all four national languages in the MRT and other government related organisations, English is our national bridge language and connects all the races in Singapore. Non-speaking English residents and tourists will be forced to use English on daily base and slowly improve their English. Current system has proven that the older generation has NEVER learned to speak proper English (1).
    2. Force retail and all businesses in Singapore to display their products first in English and then their ‘mother-tongue’. We currently see for example Indian and Malay restaurants in Singapore listing their food only in English while hundreds of Chinese hawkers and restaurants only display in Chinese.
    3. Force new immigrants, and older immigrants until 5 years back (2008), to learn and to speak English. Each immigrant should do a test and if they fail, their VISA should be immediately denied. This system is also in other countries such as the Netherlands (EU).
  5. Foreign Worker Policy
    1. Removal of the 5 Singaporeans workers for 1 Foreigner worker quota. With this restriction, many companies are unable to function on their best and is already impacting their businesses. On the longer term we do foresee serious problems and lot of foreign companies relocating outside of Singapore. The Retail and F&B industry in Singapore do need urgent foreigner workers as many Singaporeans are not willing to do the low-paid jobs. Employers are unable to raise the wages as it will result in higher prices for their products and Singaporeans will start to complain that everything is so expensive.

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