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Racism against Filipinos in Singapore, part 2

January 22, 2013

Other posting on Temasek Times against Filipinos, dated June 11th, 2012 (1).

A Singaporean’s observation of Filipinos

A point to bring out: what mastery of English language these pinoys have? zilch if we take the international benchmark of the Angus Ross Literature prize which is almost annually won by a Singaporean since its inception. The Angus Ross prize is recognization of the best literature paper in “A” levels outside UK.

I have lived in their country more than 25 years ago, It struck me then when I was watching their daily tv channels which were predominantly about this person yakking away with his or her own opinions in some local municipal issues. Full of rah rah but no substance. To take the cake, my pinoy friend who is a doctor there passed this remark “Fiilipinos all want to be leaders.” Where are the followers? All talk and no action.

Looking at their poilitical leaders’ behaviour is a ghastly exercise of megalomaniac and ineptness. Estrada, Aquino, Marcoses were leechers to their own country with playboy attitude and cowboy rules. I once passed Baguio there and the whole place gave ma a creep – it was dark, alleys with prostitutes, drug addicts openly shooting pots.

My observation of pinoys here in Singapore is not favourable either. I have seen maids abusing little children by literally dragging the tiny tots while yakking on the phone, infesting the shopping centres with their irritating English slang and tagalog which sounded more like chickens and ducks talking. They are supeficial people in the corporate world, smiling fakely but with a dagger behind – just look at their politicians and political culture which affirm this culturally imbibed trait.

Now the pinoys are so emboldened thinking a pax-filipino can be entrenched here in Singapore. Look Pinoys! We Singaporeans are gracious and to a large extent our government policies welcome FT or the other FT*****. This is by no means you can shit and feel arrogant here. As pointed out, Vietnam and Mymmar are catching up and we can look to them as alternative source of labour. In addition, they seem more refined and gracious in their mannerisms.


What a bullshit poster. First of all that stupid price. The Angus Ross Prize is awarded every year to the best performing non-British candidate in the GCE A-Level English Literature examinations.

  1. They don’t use GCE-A Level examinations in the Philippines and therefore the students can NEVER participate in that stupid prize. In Singapore they copied 100% the UK system and are still totally depending on it while the Philippines system is based on the US and Spain system but has totally evolved into a local based educational system. They don’t need any other country to certificate their students, Singapore still has that!!!
  2. Singapore is the only country where the Cambridge International A Level is the state qualification, so then is it also not wondering that each year an Singaporean wins because they are the only fucking candidates. Even countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Canada use their own examination grading systems (2).
  3. Philippines is in April 2012 announced by the GlobalEnglish Corporation as world’s best country in business English proficiency, even beating the United States. For 2012, results showed that from 76 represented countries worldwide, only the Philippines attained a score above 7.0, “a BEI level within range of a high proficiency that indicates an ability to take an active role in business discussions and perform relatively complex tasks.” Singapore is listed as number 9 after countries such as Malaysia (6) and India (7). (3)

Top schools in other countries are more likely to prepare their students for the own local based school certificate examination system which are also recognized abroad and even sometimes higher than the A level system. International schools offer many times the A Levels as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is widely used in entirely Europe and the USA except the UK. Nobody in mainland knows what A Levels are!!!

If he should live really for 25 years in the Philippines (or really dig into the local culture and learn something from it), he should know that!!! More then 10 authors are known in the international publishing scene, I don’t know any Singaporean who have done that already…

Baguio gives him the creep, strange, it is a popular destination for tourists and known for its nature. Think that Singapore has more prostitutes than Baguio. Check Geylang for example, full of prostitutes from China but not many Pinoy. And who are the customers there, yes right the Singaporeans. It’s even so popular in Singapore that prostitution in Singapore is LEGAL! Think Geylang is much more creepier for any tourist than Baguio. Again a proof that he never lived in the Philippines for 25 years to me…

And that other racial statement about ‘irritating English slang and Tagalog‘. Does he really think that other people want to hear all that Chinese sounds in the shopping malls? We are not in China!!! Even lazy to speak proper English syllabuses and to learn the English grammar! Bloody irritating!!! Okay lets ban all foreign languages in shopping malls, forbid the Pinoy to speak Tagalog, forbid then also the Chinese to speak their Mandarin, Cantonese or Hokkien!!! If you allow one foreign language, then you have to allow them all!!! Mandarin and Hokkien is even not the original language of this country, which is MALAY!!! Jadi mari kita bercakap Melayu 😉

Personally, I don’t have any problems that everyone speak their own languages, so long you can speak decent English so we all can communicate together… or at least try to speak English! I am also not native English but I try my best. I do respect everyone its own culture and preferences. I have in general no problems to understand Singaporean-Malay or Singaporean-Indian, they have a very clear accent, good grammar and pronunciation. I have only sometimes problems to understand Chinese-Singaporeans who are mainly educated in Mandarin or Hokkien.

I remember one time on Razor TV a news clip about a few students who won an international sports sponsorship and a famous UK soccer player came over to Singapore to handover the price. Some students in the public were chosen to ask him a few questions. What happened was really ridiculous, the UK soccer player, who is native English speaking, needed the help of a translator to translate the questions of these kids into proper English. He couldn’t understand the local Singaporean slang at all. The Filipino accent is very clear and good to understand by native and non-native English speakers worldwide. For that reason many local companies in Singapore prefer to have Filipino workers to assist their clients on the phone.

Why this poster don’t allow Filipino’s being themselves anymore in this country or what he called ‘This is by no means you can shit and feel arrogant here‘ ?

  1. His own attitude against Filipino’s in Singapore is shit and arrogant. RACISM!!!
  2. Singapore is a multicultural country where each resident has the right to life his or her life how he or she wants with respect to other cultures. This poster want to stop that! RACISM!!!
  3. The Chinese came also to Singapore as immigrants and allowed to live their life by their own standards and culture. And now it should be suddenly forbidden because they are now the majority? RACISM!!!
  4. I find personally that some Chinese-Singaporeans are shit and arrogant against anyone who is not Chinese-Singaporean. So is he speaking here about himself or is he discriminating here an entire race in Singapore??? RACISM!!!
  5. Who the fuck is he to forbid a minority group in Singapore to live their own lives by their own standards? RACISM!!!
  6. Not one single Pinoy is harming a Singaporean or any one others by be themselves.

Found it a shame that this post, which was original a comment on a other posting, was posted as a new article on the Temasek Times. Purposely published trying to stir up resentment against foreigners!


Racism against Filipinos in Singapore, part 1

January 22, 2013

At a Singaporean website (Temasek Times/Review) last year the next picture was posted with the next headline:

PHOTO: Is this Singapore’s Orchard Road or Manila’s Makati City?


“Something your maid will be doing once a week on her weekly off-day soon…” – Keith Chang

“FTs imported just for men! It’s welfare for you guys, so don’t complain can….lol….” – Sheereen Toh

Other comment…


Immediately you could read the insults in the comments. Comments such as ‘look what your maid is doing‘ or ‘FT’s imported just for men!‘. And of course, the posters are CHINESE-SINGAPOREAN!!!

What the fuck! I can also take a picture of a few Chinese girls and asking myself or we in CHINA or in SINGAPORE!!! Go to circular road or chinatown and you hundreds of them! And a lot of them are wearing shorter skirts and more naked dressed than these 8 girls. Maybe are these girls all professionals who are just dressed up and enjoying themselves at Orchard Road. That is the Filipino culture and that’s what they love to do. I can’t see on the picture or they are hookers or maids, maybe is one of them a lawyer, doctor or a pilot. Don’t judge about people who you don’t know!


News for this poster, you already did! You forefathers came from China to Southeast-Asia and most of their descendants still living by their traditions, culture and standards. The rest of Southeast Asia has simply just to accept it. Many many aunties and uncles, and even young people, are unable to speak proper English or any other local language. Southeast Asia is from origin a Malayan culture and NOT the Chinese culture!!!

To publish that photo with a headline like that and these comments is RACISM!!! Purposely published trying to stir up resentment against foreigners! 

These girls are residents of Singapore and also have the right to be treated on a respectful way as we all demand. Chinese-Singaporeans are allowed to be themselves in this country, so why not the Pinoy? I found it very sad that the Singaporean government have not take serious action against this form of discrimination. We, the 37% foreigners in this country have also RIGHTS to have a peaceful life in this country and to be respected despite our race or skin color!!!

This is again a typical case where one immigrant judges about the other immigrant. The first immigrant think he or she is allow to do so because they came with millions to this country, put their culture on us and discriminate now everyone else. Don’t demand from other immigrants something what you don’t do by yourself. Get so sick of it!

We, the citizens of Singapore,pledge ourselves as one united people,regardless of race, language or religion,to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

Let’s all respect that pledge and respect each other on who they are and not because they are different then you…