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Chinese domination in Singaporean Opposition Parties

February 24, 2013

Singapore has a few opposition parties and most of them are very China orientated, especially parties such as SPP, NSP and the WP. Their main target is to have a democratic political system in Singapore and favoring Singaporean Citizens above the rest of the population. I don’t call these parties very democratic at all. The Chinese stamp in these parties are very dominating the party.

National Solidarity Party (NSP)

Take for example the council of NSP (1):

President: Sebastian Teo
Vice-President: Jeannette Chong Aruldoss
Secretary-General: Hazel Poa
Assistant Secretary-General: Reno Fong
Treasurer: Noraini Bte Yunus
Assistant-Treasurer: Steve Chia
Organising Secretary: Ivan Yeo
Assistant Organising Secretary: Raymond Chua
Webmaster: Elvin Ong
Council Member: Kwan Yue Keng, Tony Tan, Tan Chee Kien, Yip Yew Weng, Nicole Seah, Syafarin Bin Sarif (head of NSP Malay Office) and Gan Theng Wei.

I do notice a lot of Singaporean-Chinese in this council what does not reflect the population of Singapore nor the demographics of Singaporean-Citizens. Of the 16 members are only two Malay and zero Indian and zero others, which is only 12.5% of the council while by the official stats of SingStats, 26% of the Singaporean Residents are non-Chinese and from the entire population, 45% are non Singaporean-Chinese. NSP has total NO INDIANS in their council while they belong to one of the three main groups of Singapore.

To be political correct, NSP should at least have 4 non-Chinese members in their council and if we follow the population statistics, 7 members. If you call yourself a solidarity party, you should at least have solidarity towards the other racial groups in Singapore too.

The NSP core value is:

NSP believes in the human potential, dignity and rights of all people regardless of race, language and religion. The Party is committed towards the building of a more open, dynamic, vibrant and inclusive society through consensus and the democratic process. It also values the contribution of each and every member towards the promotion of its potential cause. The Party activates its core values through its motto: Building A Society For All.

Why then the populist politics to favor Singaporean Citizen over foreigners who also contribute to this country and pay their taxes. If NSP really wants to build a society for all, they should not favor citizens and have more non-Chinese members in their council on important positions.

Singapore People’s Party (SPP)

I also wanted to check the SPP website but I got a serious warning from my Chrome browser that the website contains malware. So I decided not to check it at all but so far I know, the entire council of the SPP still consists only of Singaporean-Chinese.

Chairman: Loh Woon Lee, Lina
Secretary-General: Chiam See Tong
Vice Chairman: Jason Leong Oi Mun
Council Members: Jay Ting, Yong Seng Fatt, Yen Kim Khooi, Toh Hock seng, Han Jook Kuang, Raj Nath Rai and Lee Kee Yang.

Of the 10 people are NON MALAY OR INDIAN OR OTHERS. If this party should be political correct, they should at least have 3 to 4 non Singaporean-Chinese members in their council. Other undemocratic issue of this party is that the wife of Chiam See Tong is holding the Chairman position and not one of younger candidates. This makes the SPP the MOST CHINESE POLITICAL PARTY in Singapore and disrespecting the multi-cultural identity of Singapore!!! To make it even worse, the SPP post their messages on their website also in Chinese. Why not in all the four official language of Singapore and only in Chinese????

Singapore People's Party secretary-general Chiam See Tong gives his views on the population white paper. (Screengrab of YouTube video)

The SPP is very dominated by 77 year old veteran Chiam See Tong. In each country this kind of political leaders will not be taken very seriously anymore at all, except Singapore. I do respect his strength to continue the fight and what he has done in Potong Pasir all these years but he should as Lee Kuan Yew getting retired and leave the politics over to the younger new generations of politicians. They have to shape the country as they have to live in this country for the next 30 years. Instead of getting retired, Chiam See Tong appoints his own wife into the politics and he lost his long lasted seat in Potong Pasir in the last elections. In 2013, a group of former members of the SPP joined the DPP, including Benjamin Pwee who became the party’s Acting Secretary-General.

If Singaporeans wants a Singapore for Singaporeans only, vote indeed this guy as your next PM and all foreign companies and foreigners will voluntary rapidly move out of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta.

Workers Party (WP)

The only party with elected members in the parliament, 9 of them.

Sylvia Lim 林瑞莲, Chairman
Mohammed Rahizan bin Yaacob, Vice-Chairman
Low Thia Khiang 刘程强, Secretary-General
Yee Jenn Jong 余振忠, Treasurer
Frieda Chan Sio Phing 曾小玶, Deputy Treasurer
Ng Swee Bee 黄瑞美, Organising Secretary
Muhammad Faisal bin Abdul Manap, President WP Youth Wing
Gerald Giam Yean Song 严燕松, Media Team Chair
Jane Leong 龙秀金, Media Team Deputy Chair
Koh Choong Yong 许俊荣, Webmaster
Lee Li Lian 李丽连, Deputy Webmaster
Png Eng Huat 方荣发, Council Member
DrChen Show Mao 陈硕茂博士, Council Member
Glenda Han Su May 韩苏美, Council Member
Pritam Singh, Council Member (2)

I also do notice here again a lot of Singaporean-Chinese in the WP council and does not reflect the population of Singapore nor the demographics of Singaporean-Citizens. Of the 15 members are only two Malay and one Indian, which is only 20% of the council while by the official stats of SingStats, 26% of the Singaporean Residents are non-Chinese and from the entire population, 45% are non Singaporean-Chinese. To be political correct, the WP should at least have 4 non-Chinese members in their council and if we follow the population statistics, 7 members. But at least WP has all three races represented in their council compared to other parties but into my opinion, still very under-represented.

Also here, non Singaporean-Chinese members have are not heading one leading position in this political party such as Chairman, Secretary-General or Treasurer.

I notice that the WP is the only political party who list the names of their Singaporean-Chinese members in Chinese characters on their website. The Indian member, Pritam Singh, is not listed in Tamil characters what should be more fair to me and political correct.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

No-one from the DPP contested the 2011 general election. In 2013, a group of former members of the Singapore People’s Party joined the DPP, including Benjamin Pwee who became the party’s Acting Secretary-General.

Chairman – John Chiam
Vice-Chairman – Mohamad Hamim Aliyas
Acting Secretary-General – Benjamin Pwee
Assistant Secretary-General – Wilfred Leung
Treasurer – Winston Lim
Assistant Treasurer – Juliana Juwahir
Organising Secretary – Ting Tze Jiang
Assistant Organising Secretary – Sa’aban Ali

Three of the 8 council members are not Singaporean-Chinese and reflects the Singaporean society on a political correct way. Wish only that the non-Chinese were not only assistant but heading important positions within the party.

Reform Party (RP)

The has reform party council has 6 members, 2 Malay, 2 Indian and 2 Chinese (3). I think this is very equal and reflects on a democratic way the Singaporean society from a citizens perspective.

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

The SDP has also a nice healthy mixed of members, 8 Chinese, 2 Malay and 2 Indians. About 33% of the members are not Chinese and that is equal to the Singaporean population demographics. Each racial group of Singapore heads an important position in the council. Not one race dominates the other races.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General
Mr. John L. Tan, Assistant Secretary-General
Mr. Jufrie Mahmood, Chairman
Mr. Vincent Cheng, Vice-Chairman
Dr. Vincent Wijeysingha, Treasurer
Mr. John Law Swee Keat, Assistant Treasurer
Ms. Chee Siok Chin, Member
Mr. Sadasivam Veriyah, Member
Mr. Christopher Ang Siao Peng, Member
Mr. Francis Yong Chu Leong, Member
Mr. Mohd Isa, Member
Mr. Bryan Lim Boon Heng, Member

The SDP should be a role model for each political opposition party in Singapore, various races on important positions, all racial groups are equally represented and not dominated by only one race! That is true being democratic!



February 19, 2013

Stand SMRT for Singapore Mass Rapid Transport or is it CMRT, Chinese Mass Rapid Transport?

Photo: I'm sure many have already noticed. Why the sudden need for chinese translations of SMRT stations in the trains? How does that cater to a nation with the believe, "Regardless of race or religion"? If it is really necessary, then should they not cater to everyone else too? Your thoughts on this please. Share if you feel this is unfair.

Recently, Singapore MRT started making English and Chinese announcements on the trains. Before every station, English and Chinese (Mandarin) announcements are made. Other announcements like no eating on the trains, security alert, etc are still made randomly in the four official languages. Until recently, the station announcements used to be made in English only. Recently, Chinese (Mandarin) was added. For more than 25 years since SMRT started operations, only English announcement was made for stations. Why the sudden addition of Mandarin?

There is also a huge different between the operators, SBS and SMRT. SBS operates the purple line (Harbourfront – Punggol) and their announcements are spoken in all four languages. I do take that MRT line very regularly and I noticed that I do hear much more announcements in various languages instead of the other MRT lines.

This latest policy of making Chinese announcement has caused lots of controversy. It is creating lots of robust and emotional discussion in the cyberworld especially on Facebook and public forums. There are already so many foreigners in Singapore especially taking our public transport. Some feel that this policy of making Chinese (Mandarin) announcement is to cater to those PRCs working here. Except for those older folks, nearly all Chinese Singaporeans can understand English. And these old folks, they live here more then 40 years, they should be able to learn to understand some basic English.

Most of our places have either English or Malay names. In fact, the local Chinese are more familiar with the English or Malay names of places. Most local Chinese can understand Bugis or Kembagan better than if they were to be pronounced in English. To translate into Chinese (Mandarin) sounds odd and alien. It’s jarring to the local Chinese ears. Of course those English or Malay place names do not ring a bell with those PRCs since they are not natives.

Some of my Malay and Indian friends are clearly unhappy over this matter. In fact, most of them feel that Malay and Indian languages are sidelined. Mandarin has suddenly come into prominence. They are wondering if they are trying to promote Mandarin? What’s the agenda? If it is only English, then there is no issue as English is a neutral language. But if Chinese (Mandarin) is included in station announcements, then they feel that Malay and Indian (Tamil) should also be added.

The Singapore constitution clearly accords equal weight to all our four official languages. By highlighting only two of the four i.e. English and Chinese (Mandarin), the Malays and Indians feel sidelined and threatened. It is not a healthy sign. It is very divisive and unpopular with the non-Chinese of course. Like I say, most local Chinese even in the 55-60 years age group can understand English since it is only names of places which all local Chinese are familiar with, why then the station announcement in Chinese? Only those local Chinese above 65 years may not understand English. But I’m sure if it is only names of places, they should have no problem understanding.

I get so sick of all these bi-lingual announcements in the trains. English is the common bridge language in Singapore and please make all signs and announcements in English only! Residents from other countries are then forced to learn to speak English and to use it on daily base.

If such a thing were to happen in other countries, there will be mass protests and demonstrations or even riots, citing constitutional rights and language discrimination, etc. Here, you can’t or you will be arrested for voicing your concerns as a non-Chinese citizen of this country! Those non-Chinese citizens can only rant among themselves. Singapore becoming more and more like a part of china. It is a Malaysian version of Hong Kong before 1997. A humiliation. A catastrophe.

In the Netherlands (Europe), the government forces immigrants to speak their language and have to do a test before they enter the country. If you can’t speak Dutch, you do not get a visa. Why we can not do this with Singapore? That will force all Banglah and Chinese PRC to force to learn the national language of Singapore, ENGLISH!!!

(copied from The Malasian Insider but added and removed some lines as I didn’t agree with the entire text)

Racist Kaizxcxz

February 11, 2013

Born-in-China Ngee Ann Poly student tweets disturbing things against the Malays on twitter. Has he arrested, of course not! They should lock him up for 6 months as it against the law! Shameless. Go back to your own country if you don’t want Malay singing.

His facebook page is at

When are you Singaporean?

January 24, 2013

Is holding a Singaporean passport enough to call you a Singaporean? If you follow the many discussions on the internet, you have to conclude ‘no’. Singaporeans love to make a difference between themselves and the ‘new-citizens’. These are immigrants who came to Singapore and are neutralized to Singaporean Citizen. They hold the Singaporean nationality and passport and their kids have to go in the army as anyone else. People who want to build a new future in Singapore as we all do. Whatever what they do, they are still not seen as local but as an immigrant.

Even their kids when they are born in Singapore are not seen as Singaporean by this group of Singaporeans. ‘’ Oh your parents are from Thailand, so you are a foreigner lah ‘’, is a line what many of these kids have to hear frequently.

My friend has the same problem. His family has always lived in Singapore, he is born in Singapore (after 1965) as his forefathers and he served his military duty for this country. Still is he asked frequently or he is a foreigner, just because his skin colour. When he says that he is Singaporean by birth, they all ask where his father is coming from. When he answers ‘Singapore’, they all are looking confused to him like or it can’t be. Then he explains to them that his great-great- grandfather came to Singapore around 1860 and since then his family has always lived here. Now you think they will be quiet and understand he is NATIVE Singaporean… eh not really. They have then even the guts to ask where his great-great-grandfather is from and when he answers ‘England’, they response always with ‘’ oh so you are English ‘’ !?!

Come on what is that for fucking racist way of thinking. A white person whose is totally rooted in this country for more than 150 years is still considered as an immigrant by a Chinese-Singaporean which grandparents are immigrants. This is pure racial thinking and bloody retarded.

One time he got the same discussion with a cabbie and he asked him or he can then speak ‘Mandarin’ or ‘Hokkien’. When he said ‘no’, the Chinese-Singaporean answered to him that he is not a Singaporean at all because he cannot speak Chinese. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Malay and Indian are here the native citizens of this country and they don’t speak Chinese too and this retardo thinks that they are not Singaporean then too???? My friend stood up and scolded that guy in Malay for everything came up in his mind. This is kind of racist what is not unique in Singapore but many people have experienced that frequently.

But when you call yourself then a Singaporean? By international standards you are natural born citizen when your grandparents and parents all are born in the same country as you are born and are born with a local passport. We all know that many Chinese-Singaporean in Singapore at least one of their grandparents or parents is an immigrant from China, Malaysia or Indonesia.

If I looked to one of my friends for example, her mother is a Malay-Chinese, her father Singaporean but her grandparents are Chinese immigrants. So that makes her a first-generation Singaporean and not native Singaporean. Another friend of mine, a Malay, his father and mother are born in Singapore but his grandparents are Malaysians. That makes of him a second-generation immigrant.

Only a third-generation immigrant is considered as a natural local born citizen!!! Or in other words, anyone whom parents and grandparents are local born is considered as a local. If one of them is an immigrant, you are considered 1st or 2nd generation immigrant!


Singapore is an IMMIGRATION COUNTRY! This country is from everyone who lives and works in Singapore. Everyone who love this country and had chosen to build an future in this country. A country where all our children will be born and raised to be Singaporeans. Whatever race they are, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Filipino, Caucasian, African or whatever, they are Singaporeans!!! Even a damn martian can call himself one day Singaporean.

Anyone who can not accept that Singapore get more colorful with mixed races, should take immediately the first airplane out of Singapore and return to the country of his or hers forefathers. They also came one day as immigrants to this country to find a better life or a new future. Same as the current wave of immigrants but now they are suddenly considered as trash! Think many Singaporeans forefathers will turn in their graves around if they know that their descendants are discriminating immigrants and thus indirect against their own forefathers!

Are Singaporeans anti-foreigner?

January 22, 2013

A Yahoo online poll asking “Are Singaporeans becoming anti-foreigner?” produced a strong response, with 80% (15,811 votes) voting yes and the rest in the negative (3,952 votes). Yahoo wrotes:

The much talked about taxi-Ferrari accident sparked nationwide interest in Singapore. The Ferrari driver Ma Chi was a China national from Sichuan and his high-speed collision into a taxi killed him along with cabby Cheng Teck Hock and Japanese passenger Shigemi Ito. That gave already disgruntled Singaporeans another reason to vent their frustration at the government’s pro-immigration policies which have resulted in over a million foreign workers and professionals into the crowded city-state.

Yahoo! reader Alex Tan said, “Singaporeans are not against foreigners. But rather to be precise against some of the foreign labor and influx of immigrants.”

Another reader Evelyn believes the government should do more to educate foreigners on the culture and lifestyle here.

Is this taxi accident the only reason why Singaporeans have become anti-foreigner or has it been always the same but never visible towards Singaporeans itself. Ask many foreigners who live in Singapore for a longer time and they will tell you that nothing changed but it has more and more become public on the internet. Ask the Malays and Indians who are the original residents of this tiny island, they will answer probably the same. Racial discrimination has been always in Singapore, it has only resurfaced the last years.

Singapore has a bad reputation of racial riots. In 1964 and 1969 many people died and hundreds got injured during clashes between the Malay and Chinese. Both riots started by Chinese and especially the secret societies. In 1964 Chinese people started to throw bottles to Muslim in a march from Padang to Geylang and in 1969, 20-30 Chinese people attacked houses in Jalan Ubi and Jalan Kayu.

Alex Tan, if you are against the policies of the government, then you should point your arrows on the government and not against the foreigners.  That is not fair! How you will feel if you know that your ancestor who came as IMMIGRANT to Singapore, probably after World War II or the independence of Singapore, would be treated the same by the local people in Singapore? Would be unfair too, isnt?

And Evelyn, why then so many Chinese-Singaporean immigrants who have come to Singapore are NOT INTEGRATED into this society! Many of them are unable to speak proper English or even English at all. I know here many aunties and uncles who are even BORN in this country and don’t speak one single word of English! Is that the Singaporean culture and lifestyle you want? Lucky has the Singaporean government more a multi-cultural policy approach in Singapore which gives us all the RIGHT to life our own lives regarding our own cultures. Chinese-Singaporeans are allowed to do that, so be the Indians, Malay, Pinoy and anyone else in this country!!!

55% in Singapore is Chinese-Singaporean and NOT 75%!!!

January 17, 2013

What are the real demographics of Singapore? There is a lot of confusion about it. The Singapore Department of Statistics reports overall population figures for Singapore (4.48 million in 2006), as a matter of policy, it only provides more detailed demographic breakdown analysis for the approximately 80% of the population who are Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (collectively termed ‘residents’). Of this group of about 3.6 million people, Chinese form 75.2%, Malays form 13.6%, Indians form 8.8%, while Eurasians and other groups form 2.4%.

There are living 5.08 million people living in Singapore in 2010 and only 3,771,700 are counted as resident (census 2010 SingStat). About 74.1% of the residents are Chinese-Singaporean, which is 2,794,829 people and is about 55% of the total population in Singapore and not 75%!!! I didn’t add the 1 million PRC Chinese (5) in Singapore as Chinese-Singaporeans love to see themselves different from the Chinese and love to call them PRC Shit or Foreign Trash.

Official figures show that the number of foreigners on short-term permits (termed ‘non-residents’) has grown from 30,900 in 1970 to 797,900 in 2005, which translate roughly to a 24-fold increase in 35 years, or from 1% of the population in 1970 to 18.3% in 2005. Despite this huge increase, no further breakdown is given by Singstat.

Some studies attempted to cast light on the demographic profile of Singapore’s non-resident. According to ‘The Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora’ (published in 2006), “independent surveys approximate the number of South Asians on work permits to be between 30-35 per cent of the total ‘Indian’ population in Singapore, or approximately 90,000-100,000.” Based on this, we can estimate that, as of June 2006, the Indian population formed 12.5% of the non-resident population, and therefore numbered between 415,000 and 430,000, or about 9.5% of the total population of about 4.5 million. It is likely the population of ‘others’ is similarly greater than suggested by the figures for the ‘resident’ population. Conversely, it is likely that the Chinese form significantly less than 75% of the total population of 4.5 million (2006).

A recent figure released by the Straits Times on 20 July 2010 shows that the total population of Non Resident Singaporeans (PRs + foreigners) is around 1.79 million of which Indians are 400,000 (22.35%). It is noteworthy that the number of Indian PRs and foreigners have doubled in the last 2 years! An increase of 200,000 in 2 years may portend a rapid shift in the demographic scenery of Singapore.

  • 1970: 2.07 million (2.01m SC/SPR & 61,000 foreigners)
  • 1980: 2.41 million (2.28m SC/SPR & 131,000 foreigners)
  • 1990: 3.05 million (2.74m SC/SPR & 311,000 foreigners)
  • 2000: 4.03 million (3.27m SC/SPR & 745,500 foreigners)
  • 2006  4.48 million (3.60m SC/SPR & 875,000 foreigners)
  • 2007  4.5886 million (3.1338 SC / 0.4492  SPR & 1.0055 foreigners)
  • 2008  4.8394 million (3.1644 SC / 0.4782 SPR & 1.1967 foreigners)
  • 2010  5.08 million as at 31/06/10 (3.2m SC / 0 .540m SPR & 1.31m foreigners (Advanced Census release)

Other example, there are living more then 180,000 overseas Filipino workers (OFW) in Singapore (4), that is 4.7% of the Singapore population. Same for the European race, approximately 166,000 Caucasians resides in Singapore, or 4.4% of the population. Singapore has also about 16,400 Indonesians and 45,000 Thai residing which is about 1,3%.

SingStats says that less than 3.3% in Singapore is non-Chinese, Malay or Indian. That is not correct, it should be around 10-14% of the population! The actual numbers are much higher then I show above and many other nationalities have not even been taken in our calculation such as the Vietnamese, Myanmar, Malays with Malay Passport and no PR’s, Arabs, Japanese, Koreans and Africans.

Part of non-residents in total population
1970 1980 1990 2000 2009
Non-residents (Non Citizens & PRs) 2.9% 5.5% 10.2% 18.7% 25.3%

If you ask me, this racial breakdown by SingStat of the residents (Citizens + PRs) is pure created to keep the ratio for the Chinese-Singaporean people in Singapore higher than it actually is. A higher racial quota means more spots reserved for Chinese-Singaporeans in the schools and public housing and higher funding for their cultural programs. Singapore should have racial quotas based on the real demographics of Singapore and that means EVERYONE who works and lives in Singapore! Current system is pure discrimination to put one race above the others… better is to get totally rid of these racial quotas, Singapore as a global city is so mixed these days….