Foreigners beat up in Singapore

A scuffle broke out at Clarke Quay early this morning at McDonald’s Liang Court outlet at after a girl claimed she was molested, leaving two foreigners bloodied.

According to a report in Shin Min Daily News, they had been bashed up by two other men, who had responded after the woman had shouted ‘molest’.

The woman’s two other female friends, with whom she had entered the McDonald’s for breakfast, related that the two caucasian men had touched their friend first, which prompted the scuffle.

From the pictures, a great deal of blood could be seen on the floor of the restaurant following the fight.

Wondering or this is a pure racism against the foreigners. Why 2 strangers immediately reacting like that and molesting these 2 foreigners? Would they reacted the same when those 2 guys were Singaporean-Chinese? Would the lady reacted the same and yelling ‘molested’ when these 2 guys were not foreigner but Singaporean-Chinese? Did the girl already approached them before but these guys ignored her and she reacted like that??? Come on, see how she is dressed, she can be easy a working girl or a SPG hopeless looking to get married with a white guy. These guys should know that boh siah girls hang out so late around such areas looking to “trap” innocent men….

Anyway, the 2 guys who bashed at anyone guys whom the girl “shouted” molest should refrain themselves. Unless you see it with your eyes, then you can bash them. I know some guys can over-react to pretend to be hero in front of the girls. Some girls like to over-react and shout molest over anything too. Imagine if you bump on a girl behind you in a train accidentally, then she shout molest. Others beat you up. That’s one example scenario.

The girl and the 2 asian men are working together. The girl is using the molest argument to extort money and if that does not work the men use violence to threaten the victim. We have seen a story in stop about a local Singaporean guy with his family in Chinatown around CNY, a girl claims molest in the crowd and “bystanders” act aggressively. The family paid up.

It is complete wrong to hit unless you witnessed the molest by yourself. And then it would be more proper, to detain the guys while calling the police. Don’t need to act tough and hit people until bleeding all over. I hope they get charged. Also, if the 2 white guys are guilty, hope they get charged too, if not, hope the ah lian get charged!!!!

And why should these 2 guys molest her? She is so fucking ugly!!!


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