Why this blog…

I see Singaporeans treat their fellow man, with less and less respect these days. They mistreat domestic workers, they mistreat workers in general and they are rude to everyone who don’t have the same skin color as themselves.

Racial discrimination in Singapore of minority groups (Indians, Malay, Pinoy, Caucasians, etc…) is anno 2013 widely accepted and considered as a normal thing. Even the state controlled media uses derogatory words such as ”Ang Moh” in their headlines. In the recent years there is a kind of a witch hunt against foreigners in Singapore… it’s not fun anymore!

Yes, Singapore is my country as well and don’t tell me otherwise. I do live in this country and I have here my friends, my family and my life! I am nothing less than someone else on this island because I have a different skin color. We are all children of immigrants who came to Singapore to build a new life.

Singaporeans are angry to their government and because they have no channels to let their anger out, they venting their frustrations first to the PRC and the Indians, and now lately the Pinoy and Caucasians are victims too. They put them on their hit list as one of the races they think they are pest and trash. The original people of Singapore, the Malay, are also heavy discriminated but much less in public on the internet than the other racial groups.

Let we all respect each other regard our race or religion. It’s something what Singaporeans should know by their pledge:

We, the citizens of Singapore,pledge ourselves as one united people,regardless of race, language or religion,to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

That pledge is so important for the Singaporeans, I can understand why but why they then not following it? Can we say that each Singaporean who makes a racial statement, is not a real Singaporean because he is disrespecting his own pledge and his or hers country???

Nobody seems to do something against it and the minorities have just to accept everything. That is then until now, I can’t take it anymore (tak boleh tahan) to be discriminated and judged pure on my skin color. I am an human being too!!!  This has to stop or it will ruin this beautiful country!


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