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Chinese domination in Singaporean Opposition Parties

February 24, 2013

Singapore has a few opposition parties and most of them are very China orientated, especially parties such as SPP, NSP and the WP. Their main target is to have a democratic political system in Singapore and favoring Singaporean Citizens above the rest of the population. I don’t call these parties very democratic at all. The Chinese stamp in these parties are very dominating the party.

National Solidarity Party (NSP)

Take for example the council of NSP (1):

President: Sebastian Teo
Vice-President: Jeannette Chong Aruldoss
Secretary-General: Hazel Poa
Assistant Secretary-General: Reno Fong
Treasurer: Noraini Bte Yunus
Assistant-Treasurer: Steve Chia
Organising Secretary: Ivan Yeo
Assistant Organising Secretary: Raymond Chua
Webmaster: Elvin Ong
Council Member: Kwan Yue Keng, Tony Tan, Tan Chee Kien, Yip Yew Weng, Nicole Seah, Syafarin Bin Sarif (head of NSP Malay Office) and Gan Theng Wei.

I do notice a lot of Singaporean-Chinese in this council what does not reflect the population of Singapore nor the demographics of Singaporean-Citizens. Of the 16 members are only two Malay and zero Indian and zero others, which is only 12.5% of the council while by the official stats of SingStats, 26% of the Singaporean Residents are non-Chinese and from the entire population, 45% are non Singaporean-Chinese. NSP has total NO INDIANS in their council while they belong to one of the three main groups of Singapore.

To be political correct, NSP should at least have 4 non-Chinese members in their council and if we follow the population statistics, 7 members. If you call yourself a solidarity party, you should at least have solidarity towards the other racial groups in Singapore too.

The NSP core value is:

NSP believes in the human potential, dignity and rights of all people regardless of race, language and religion. The Party is committed towards the building of a more open, dynamic, vibrant and inclusive society through consensus and the democratic process. It also values the contribution of each and every member towards the promotion of its potential cause. The Party activates its core values through its motto: Building A Society For All.

Why then the populist politics to favor Singaporean Citizen over foreigners who also contribute to this country and pay their taxes. If NSP really wants to build a society for all, they should not favor citizens and have more non-Chinese members in their council on important positions.

Singapore People’s Party (SPP)

I also wanted to check the SPP website but I got a serious warning from my Chrome browser that the website contains malware. So I decided not to check it at all but so far I know, the entire council of the SPP still consists only of Singaporean-Chinese.

Chairman: Loh Woon Lee, Lina
Secretary-General: Chiam See Tong
Vice Chairman: Jason Leong Oi Mun
Council Members: Jay Ting, Yong Seng Fatt, Yen Kim Khooi, Toh Hock seng, Han Jook Kuang, Raj Nath Rai and Lee Kee Yang.

Of the 10 people are NON MALAY OR INDIAN OR OTHERS. If this party should be political correct, they should at least have 3 to 4 non Singaporean-Chinese members in their council. Other undemocratic issue of this party is that the wife of Chiam See Tong is holding the Chairman position and not one of younger candidates. This makes the SPP the MOST CHINESE POLITICAL PARTY in Singapore and disrespecting the multi-cultural identity of Singapore!!! To make it even worse, the SPP post their messages on their website also in Chinese. Why not in all the four official language of Singapore and only in Chinese????

Singapore People's Party secretary-general Chiam See Tong gives his views on the population white paper. (Screengrab of YouTube video)

The SPP is very dominated by 77 year old veteran Chiam See Tong. In each country this kind of political leaders will not be taken very seriously anymore at all, except Singapore. I do respect his strength to continue the fight and what he has done in Potong Pasir all these years but he should as Lee Kuan Yew getting retired and leave the politics over to the younger new generations of politicians. They have to shape the country as they have to live in this country for the next 30 years. Instead of getting retired, Chiam See Tong appoints his own wife into the politics and he lost his long lasted seat in Potong Pasir in the last elections. In 2013, a group of former members of the SPP joined the DPP, including Benjamin Pwee who became the party’s Acting Secretary-General.

If Singaporeans wants a Singapore for Singaporeans only, vote indeed this guy as your next PM and all foreign companies and foreigners will voluntary rapidly move out of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta.

Workers Party (WP)

The only party with elected members in the parliament, 9 of them.

Sylvia Lim 林瑞莲, Chairman
Mohammed Rahizan bin Yaacob, Vice-Chairman
Low Thia Khiang 刘程强, Secretary-General
Yee Jenn Jong 余振忠, Treasurer
Frieda Chan Sio Phing 曾小玶, Deputy Treasurer
Ng Swee Bee 黄瑞美, Organising Secretary
Muhammad Faisal bin Abdul Manap, President WP Youth Wing
Gerald Giam Yean Song 严燕松, Media Team Chair
Jane Leong 龙秀金, Media Team Deputy Chair
Koh Choong Yong 许俊荣, Webmaster
Lee Li Lian 李丽连, Deputy Webmaster
Png Eng Huat 方荣发, Council Member
DrChen Show Mao 陈硕茂博士, Council Member
Glenda Han Su May 韩苏美, Council Member
Pritam Singh, Council Member (2)

I also do notice here again a lot of Singaporean-Chinese in the WP council and does not reflect the population of Singapore nor the demographics of Singaporean-Citizens. Of the 15 members are only two Malay and one Indian, which is only 20% of the council while by the official stats of SingStats, 26% of the Singaporean Residents are non-Chinese and from the entire population, 45% are non Singaporean-Chinese. To be political correct, the WP should at least have 4 non-Chinese members in their council and if we follow the population statistics, 7 members. But at least WP has all three races represented in their council compared to other parties but into my opinion, still very under-represented.

Also here, non Singaporean-Chinese members have are not heading one leading position in this political party such as Chairman, Secretary-General or Treasurer.

I notice that the WP is the only political party who list the names of their Singaporean-Chinese members in Chinese characters on their website. The Indian member, Pritam Singh, is not listed in Tamil characters what should be more fair to me and political correct.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

No-one from the DPP contested the 2011 general election. In 2013, a group of former members of the Singapore People’s Party joined the DPP, including Benjamin Pwee who became the party’s Acting Secretary-General.

Chairman – John Chiam
Vice-Chairman – Mohamad Hamim Aliyas
Acting Secretary-General – Benjamin Pwee
Assistant Secretary-General – Wilfred Leung
Treasurer – Winston Lim
Assistant Treasurer – Juliana Juwahir
Organising Secretary – Ting Tze Jiang
Assistant Organising Secretary – Sa’aban Ali

Three of the 8 council members are not Singaporean-Chinese and reflects the Singaporean society on a political correct way. Wish only that the non-Chinese were not only assistant but heading important positions within the party.

Reform Party (RP)

The has reform party council has 6 members, 2 Malay, 2 Indian and 2 Chinese (3). I think this is very equal and reflects on a democratic way the Singaporean society from a citizens perspective.

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

The SDP has also a nice healthy mixed of members, 8 Chinese, 2 Malay and 2 Indians. About 33% of the members are not Chinese and that is equal to the Singaporean population demographics. Each racial group of Singapore heads an important position in the council. Not one race dominates the other races.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General
Mr. John L. Tan, Assistant Secretary-General
Mr. Jufrie Mahmood, Chairman
Mr. Vincent Cheng, Vice-Chairman
Dr. Vincent Wijeysingha, Treasurer
Mr. John Law Swee Keat, Assistant Treasurer
Ms. Chee Siok Chin, Member
Mr. Sadasivam Veriyah, Member
Mr. Christopher Ang Siao Peng, Member
Mr. Francis Yong Chu Leong, Member
Mr. Mohd Isa, Member
Mr. Bryan Lim Boon Heng, Member

The SDP should be a role model for each political opposition party in Singapore, various races on important positions, all racial groups are equally represented and not dominated by only one race! That is true being democratic!


NSP urges a National Referendum

February 23, 2013

The National Solidarity Party have written letters to PM Lee Hsien Loong and President Tony Tan, urging them to call for a National Referendum on the population White Paper.

The letter to PM Lee noted that despite Parliament’s adoption, the majority of votes do not “reflect the views of Singaporeans because the PAP Members of Parliament clearly voted along party lines”.

“The future of this country is something that all Singaporeans have a stake in. It is only right that they should have a say in it as well. For this reason, we call on the Government to hold a National Referendum on the White Paper,” it concluded.

“In announcing your intention to run in the last Presidential Election, you had said, ‘I believe that the next President of Singapore may have to make very significant decisions that will affect the security and well‐being of all Singaporeans,'” said the letter.

Who says that the majority of the votes are not the personal opinions of the MP’s themselves. Yes of course they vote along party lines but the party have to convince them also why to vote in favor for the proposal. These MP’s are really not stupid and vote blindness what the party says but oversee the bigger picture of why our population has to grow to survive.

If you call yourself a National Solidarity Party you should have solidarity for all the races and people living in Singapore. Only what I hear is this press release is populist talk to favor again Singaporean Citizens above the rest of the population. The NSP is clearly forgetting that PR’s and Foreigners also helping to build this nation and pay their contribution to this country.

6.9 Million – Part Two

February 20, 2013 posted the next 5 points on their website why each Singaporean should protest against 6.9 million people on this island (1). The reasons behind of it is really a joke and from a very nationalistic viewpoint against foreigners.

1. Limited physical space

By now, even our existing foreigner population should acknowledge the constraint we have on accepting another 1.5 million  new foreigners in our limited physical space.

But a lot of these foreigners will become one day Singaporean Citizen, same as the ancestors of each citizen in this country. Many many Singaporeans have suddenly forgotten that their parents or grand-parents were foreigners one day too.

Many Singaporeans have no choice but to stay at home during the weekend to avoid the over crowding at shopping malls and entertainment centres.

Singapore has also overtaken Hong Kong as the third most populated country in the world with a 7257 population per sq km to Hong Kong’s 6427. Macau and Monaco took the top two spots with 19, 488 and 16, 398 population per sq km respectively.

Nothing special on this, small city-states such as Singapore are always on the top of that list. They don’t have the luxury as the other countries to have enough space to build up their countries more spread out. They have to do it with a very small space. Whatever they do, they will be always the most populated countries in the world.

Overcrowding not only produces inherent stress within the population but also does not allow over worked Singaporeans the space to rest and rejuvenate.

Many have to drive to nearby JB to take a break or take short get-away trips via cheap budget airlines to nearby SE Asian cities.

Those who can’t drive have to make do with whatever space they can find within their tiny flats to recharge for the next day.

It is no wonder that the recent Gallop polls have found Singaporeans to be the least positive people in the world!

Mwahhhh… Singaporeans have the reputation to complain about everything and anything. That’s why they are the least positive people in the world. If its not the foreigners then they will find something else to complain about. It looks like or it is the national sport in this country. When they always complain during conversations about Singapore I ask them or they want to live in Malaysia or Indonesia, and when they said no, I tell them to shut up and don’t complain. Singaporeans should learn to respect how good their lives are compared with other southeast countries.

2. Skyrocketting property market

The current property market is one of the bullish I have seen since I started to buy my first BTO HDB flat almost  two decades ago.

Anything that you have bought before 2009 should have doubled in price by now and some have even tripled.

A friend bought a condominium at East Coast and  he has sold it off with a handsome profit of $1 million – all within five years.

A HUDC flat in Shunfu was recently sold for $1.33 million and Executive Condos mostly now market for around $1.5 million upwards.

It is no secret that most buyers of record-high properties are foreigners with ready cash to splash.

Eh, foreigners are not allowed to buy HDB, EC or Landed Properties in Singapore, so they are forced to buy other private properties (2).

Many do not even want to bargain and will pay you whatever price you are trying to sell!

It is envisaged that foreigners will occupy 30% of our private properties in the near future if the current trend is to continue.

Foreigners are counting 38% of the population and therefore normal that 33% of all properties are sold to foreigners as they are not allowed to buy HDB, EC and Landed Properties. Where these foreigners have to live else??? And who asking the higher cash to these foreigners, right yes, the SINGAPOREANS!!! Do you think that the foreigners like to pay these high expenses? They just pay it because they know it’s the normal market price in Singapore and the sellers think to make a huge profit of it. Different is that the foreigner don’t complain and the Singaporean does!

I visited Sentosa Cove recently for an event and saw that most occupiers of the multi-million properties belong to foreigners.

Sentosa Cove is the first project that was launched for foreigners to buy a landed property in Singapore. No wondering that most of them are foreigners. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH!!!

Do we want to see HDB resale properties selling at $400, 000 and above for 3-room flats denying newly-weds the opportunity of a good nest in a choice location?

HDB price has going up by Singaporeans as foreigner are NOT ALLOWED to buy any HDB unit in Singapore. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH!!!

Couples setting up a family can of course purchase cheaper  BTO units from HDB but why should Singaporeans be denied a chance to buy better HDB resale units just because the government allows in affluent foreigners by the hundreds of thousands with dubious financial disposition?

HDB price has going up by Singaporeans as foreigner are NOT ALLOWED to buy any HDB unit in Singapore. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH!!!

6.9 Million – Part One

February 18, 2013

People attend a demonstration, organised by Gilbert Goh (C), against a government white paper on population at Speakers’ Corner in Singapore February 16, 2013. The paper released in January said the island’s population of 5.3 million could grow by as much as 30 percent by 2030, mostly through foreign workers to offset a chronically low birth rate.

People attend a demonstration, …

People carrying umbrellas attend a demonstration against a government white paper on population at Speakers’ Corner in Singapore.

Man holds a sign at a demonstration …

Oh yes, then pack up your back and fuck off to your beloved China. Give the country then back the original people. Singapore is a Malayan country with thousands years of cultural history and IS NOT CHINESE!!!!

People shelter under umbrellas …

YES, indeed but the right text should be…. STOP GOV UNFAIRLY TREATMENT TO FOREIGNERS IN SINGAPORE… an agitation against foreigners in Singapore created by nationalistic Singaporeans…

Gilbert Goh, organiser of …

Gilbert Goh, organiser of a demonstration against a government white paper on population, waits to talk at Speakers’ Corner in Singapore February 16, 2013. Of course it is again a Singaporean-Chinese who is protesting against the influx of immigrants in Singapore. Wonder or his parents or grand-parents where immigrants too???

Singaporeans Protest Population …

Read: Singapore for Singaporeans-Chinese !!!

Many in the crowd came armed …

Despite a steady drizzle, …

Gilbert Goh (centre) with …

A very very Singaporean-Chinese party!!!

Okay I can understand how they feel about it, keep Singapore livable and don’t put too many people on this island. But goes it really about that or is it again the deep-seated hatred against the foreigners who they allegedly to stealing them from their jobs.

On their website he list a few points…

Lifestyle will definitely  suffer due to overcrowding despite assurance from our government that unused  outlying islands will be converted into housing space and more importantly, the Singapore  identity will be lost as by then there will be more foreigners staying among us than local Singaporeans.

Local Singaporeans??? Who, the descendants of immigrants from China? Come on, local Singaporeans do not exist. You maybe be born in this country but your forefathers not, and that don’t make you all yet a natural born Singaporean. This is a typical example of a descendant of an immigrant who has become the majority and start to claim this country as their natural land.

However, not many Singaporeans are convinced that the government has done enough to improve the birth grown here and more pressing effective measures like improvng work conditions has fallen on deaf ears as Singaporeans struggle alot with work stress and overwork.

Struggling with work stress and overwork??? WOW!!! That’s now exactly the reason why companies in Singapore want to hire foreigners, THEY DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT WORK STRESS AND OVERWORK!!!

Gonna read all his points and break them all down because they are based on bullshit… but that is what we are used if it goes about their racist battle against foreigners in Singapore…

Lets be equal!!!

February 13, 2013

The Perth metropolitan area is home to almost enough Singaporeans to form a constituency. Eight times the size of Singapore island, there are more than 10,000 Singaporeans here within the population of 1.3 million, a third of the total 33,590 in Australia. The actual number of Singaporeans [in Perth] is probably double the official figure, because the latter reflects only those who have successfully applied for permanent residency. It has the nickname, ‘Singaperth’. To compare, only 5,000 Australians lives in Singapore.

According to the G Population White Paper 2013: ‘A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore, there are about 200,000 Singaporeans living overseas’.

Why should these 34,000 Singaporeans living in Australia have the same rights and benefits as the local citizens while the 5,000 Ozzies living in Singapore are getting heavily discriminated and have to pay extremely high fees for medical care and schooling!!!


Let them all pay also S$500,- school fees for public schools, no right on subsidies, no right to buy an cheap property and have much higher medical fees. Let them rent the properties for Singaporean prices and see how long it takes before they come back to Singapore or change their passports.

Changi Airport Mall

January 23, 2013

I use the airport very frequently for my business and pleasure trips, almost twice a month. Last December when I was going abroad for Christmas, I got some really nasty experiences with day trippers at the airport. The huge crowd of day trippers has an impact on the quality and hospitality of the airport, which to me is very rapid declining.


The airport got in December a kind of Angry Bird promotion which attracted a lot of Singaporeans with their kids to the airport to shop. I don’t mind so long these day trippers have consideration for the travelers and that is the big problem. These day trippers are not travelling but visiting the airport because they love to shop and feel bored. Shopping is the biggest hobby for Singaporeans.

It started already when I parked my car in the basement, not one single spot was available as the whole car park was full thanks these day trippers. It was not even a peak day for travelers but super crowded with shoppers. The airport should have reserved parking for real travelers!!! Other airports in the world have that and call it long term parking!!! You should that a world class airport as Changi suppose to be, should have one. When you check the website of Changi Airport about parking, they even write…

Visitors can now enjoy lower parking rates when they visit Changi Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3 to shop or dine on both weekends and weekday nights (1).

From that we can conclude that Changi Airport is not much more then an ordinary shopping mall and that it is also on the side an airport. Would their focus on the travelers, they would mention it in above  statement and not the shopping and dining visitors.

So when I got finally a spot after waiting at the car park, I had to drag my heavy bags (25kg!) from the end of the parking to the entrance. And of course no trolley to find as these day trippers use it for their handbags and as toys for their kids. Then I had to struggle my way through the ​​day trippers and try to reach my goal, the elevator to the 2nd floor for departure.

Once I reached the elevator, I had to start almost World War 3 to get with my 3 bags into the elevator. People are so stupid and ignorant, they just don’t give you space to let you inside because you have to catch your flight! I was able to get my ride after I missed it for 4 times and a flight attendant had to prevent people going in before me. It’s like the MRT at 6pm at Raffles Quay or Orchard. Unbelievable… it took me almost 30 minutes to park my car and reach the check-in counter…

On it self no problems with it but after my check-in, I couldn’t almost find the passengers entrance as a huge Angry Bird Space Shuttle was blocking it. Problem are the nitwits with their kids around that ugly thing. Blocking the way of the passengers because they have to take pictures of their kids with that damn thing. That you are trying to make your way as a passenger through the terminal to catch your flight, they don’t fucking care about it! When you bump into them accidentally with your trolley because their kids are wild running around, is it suddenly your fault and they looking with dirty faces to you and thinking ”foreigner fuck off!”. Not even one sorry!!!

When I came back it was not much better, airport was again full of unconsidered day trippers. It was even so bad that one of their kids ran into my trolley with my 2 bags and hit me. I didn’t check it on that time but I wish I did. Later when I came home I found out that the kid had hit my screen of my laptop and it was broken. Needed to repair it immediately at Sim Lim Square and cost me S$100 to repair it!!! I wish I could find them to present my bill!!!


To be honest, this kind of airports are quit scary. So huge amount of people without any proper security check at the entrance makes to me Changi Airport an easy target for a terrorist attack. Other major airports in the region have very tight security matters as an terrorist attack is still a serious treat in Southeast Asia.

Imagine that you come as an tourist to Singapore and you have to deal with these kind of nitwits and their ignorance attitude, will you still thinking that Singapore is famous for its hospitality? Changi Airport has lost its focus on their core business, which is being an airport. And a business that forgets its core function, is doomed!!!

Racism against Filipinos in Singapore, part 2

January 22, 2013

Other posting on Temasek Times against Filipinos, dated June 11th, 2012 (1).

A Singaporean’s observation of Filipinos

A point to bring out: what mastery of English language these pinoys have? zilch if we take the international benchmark of the Angus Ross Literature prize which is almost annually won by a Singaporean since its inception. The Angus Ross prize is recognization of the best literature paper in “A” levels outside UK.

I have lived in their country more than 25 years ago, It struck me then when I was watching their daily tv channels which were predominantly about this person yakking away with his or her own opinions in some local municipal issues. Full of rah rah but no substance. To take the cake, my pinoy friend who is a doctor there passed this remark “Fiilipinos all want to be leaders.” Where are the followers? All talk and no action.

Looking at their poilitical leaders’ behaviour is a ghastly exercise of megalomaniac and ineptness. Estrada, Aquino, Marcoses were leechers to their own country with playboy attitude and cowboy rules. I once passed Baguio there and the whole place gave ma a creep – it was dark, alleys with prostitutes, drug addicts openly shooting pots.

My observation of pinoys here in Singapore is not favourable either. I have seen maids abusing little children by literally dragging the tiny tots while yakking on the phone, infesting the shopping centres with their irritating English slang and tagalog which sounded more like chickens and ducks talking. They are supeficial people in the corporate world, smiling fakely but with a dagger behind – just look at their politicians and political culture which affirm this culturally imbibed trait.

Now the pinoys are so emboldened thinking a pax-filipino can be entrenched here in Singapore. Look Pinoys! We Singaporeans are gracious and to a large extent our government policies welcome FT or the other FT*****. This is by no means you can shit and feel arrogant here. As pointed out, Vietnam and Mymmar are catching up and we can look to them as alternative source of labour. In addition, they seem more refined and gracious in their mannerisms.


What a bullshit poster. First of all that stupid price. The Angus Ross Prize is awarded every year to the best performing non-British candidate in the GCE A-Level English Literature examinations.

  1. They don’t use GCE-A Level examinations in the Philippines and therefore the students can NEVER participate in that stupid prize. In Singapore they copied 100% the UK system and are still totally depending on it while the Philippines system is based on the US and Spain system but has totally evolved into a local based educational system. They don’t need any other country to certificate their students, Singapore still has that!!!
  2. Singapore is the only country where the Cambridge International A Level is the state qualification, so then is it also not wondering that each year an Singaporean wins because they are the only fucking candidates. Even countries such as New Zealand, Australia and Canada use their own examination grading systems (2).
  3. Philippines is in April 2012 announced by the GlobalEnglish Corporation as world’s best country in business English proficiency, even beating the United States. For 2012, results showed that from 76 represented countries worldwide, only the Philippines attained a score above 7.0, “a BEI level within range of a high proficiency that indicates an ability to take an active role in business discussions and perform relatively complex tasks.” Singapore is listed as number 9 after countries such as Malaysia (6) and India (7). (3)

Top schools in other countries are more likely to prepare their students for the own local based school certificate examination system which are also recognized abroad and even sometimes higher than the A level system. International schools offer many times the A Levels as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is widely used in entirely Europe and the USA except the UK. Nobody in mainland knows what A Levels are!!!

If he should live really for 25 years in the Philippines (or really dig into the local culture and learn something from it), he should know that!!! More then 10 authors are known in the international publishing scene, I don’t know any Singaporean who have done that already…

Baguio gives him the creep, strange, it is a popular destination for tourists and known for its nature. Think that Singapore has more prostitutes than Baguio. Check Geylang for example, full of prostitutes from China but not many Pinoy. And who are the customers there, yes right the Singaporeans. It’s even so popular in Singapore that prostitution in Singapore is LEGAL! Think Geylang is much more creepier for any tourist than Baguio. Again a proof that he never lived in the Philippines for 25 years to me…

And that other racial statement about ‘irritating English slang and Tagalog‘. Does he really think that other people want to hear all that Chinese sounds in the shopping malls? We are not in China!!! Even lazy to speak proper English syllabuses and to learn the English grammar! Bloody irritating!!! Okay lets ban all foreign languages in shopping malls, forbid the Pinoy to speak Tagalog, forbid then also the Chinese to speak their Mandarin, Cantonese or Hokkien!!! If you allow one foreign language, then you have to allow them all!!! Mandarin and Hokkien is even not the original language of this country, which is MALAY!!! Jadi mari kita bercakap Melayu 😉

Personally, I don’t have any problems that everyone speak their own languages, so long you can speak decent English so we all can communicate together… or at least try to speak English! I am also not native English but I try my best. I do respect everyone its own culture and preferences. I have in general no problems to understand Singaporean-Malay or Singaporean-Indian, they have a very clear accent, good grammar and pronunciation. I have only sometimes problems to understand Chinese-Singaporeans who are mainly educated in Mandarin or Hokkien.

I remember one time on Razor TV a news clip about a few students who won an international sports sponsorship and a famous UK soccer player came over to Singapore to handover the price. Some students in the public were chosen to ask him a few questions. What happened was really ridiculous, the UK soccer player, who is native English speaking, needed the help of a translator to translate the questions of these kids into proper English. He couldn’t understand the local Singaporean slang at all. The Filipino accent is very clear and good to understand by native and non-native English speakers worldwide. For that reason many local companies in Singapore prefer to have Filipino workers to assist their clients on the phone.

Why this poster don’t allow Filipino’s being themselves anymore in this country or what he called ‘This is by no means you can shit and feel arrogant here‘ ?

  1. His own attitude against Filipino’s in Singapore is shit and arrogant. RACISM!!!
  2. Singapore is a multicultural country where each resident has the right to life his or her life how he or she wants with respect to other cultures. This poster want to stop that! RACISM!!!
  3. The Chinese came also to Singapore as immigrants and allowed to live their life by their own standards and culture. And now it should be suddenly forbidden because they are now the majority? RACISM!!!
  4. I find personally that some Chinese-Singaporeans are shit and arrogant against anyone who is not Chinese-Singaporean. So is he speaking here about himself or is he discriminating here an entire race in Singapore??? RACISM!!!
  5. Who the fuck is he to forbid a minority group in Singapore to live their own lives by their own standards? RACISM!!!
  6. Not one single Pinoy is harming a Singaporean or any one others by be themselves.

Found it a shame that this post, which was original a comment on a other posting, was posted as a new article on the Temasek Times. Purposely published trying to stir up resentment against foreigners!

Racism against Filipinos in Singapore, part 1

January 22, 2013

At a Singaporean website (Temasek Times/Review) last year the next picture was posted with the next headline:

PHOTO: Is this Singapore’s Orchard Road or Manila’s Makati City?


“Something your maid will be doing once a week on her weekly off-day soon…” – Keith Chang

“FTs imported just for men! It’s welfare for you guys, so don’t complain can….lol….” – Sheereen Toh

Other comment…


Immediately you could read the insults in the comments. Comments such as ‘look what your maid is doing‘ or ‘FT’s imported just for men!‘. And of course, the posters are CHINESE-SINGAPOREAN!!!

What the fuck! I can also take a picture of a few Chinese girls and asking myself or we in CHINA or in SINGAPORE!!! Go to circular road or chinatown and you hundreds of them! And a lot of them are wearing shorter skirts and more naked dressed than these 8 girls. Maybe are these girls all professionals who are just dressed up and enjoying themselves at Orchard Road. That is the Filipino culture and that’s what they love to do. I can’t see on the picture or they are hookers or maids, maybe is one of them a lawyer, doctor or a pilot. Don’t judge about people who you don’t know!


News for this poster, you already did! You forefathers came from China to Southeast-Asia and most of their descendants still living by their traditions, culture and standards. The rest of Southeast Asia has simply just to accept it. Many many aunties and uncles, and even young people, are unable to speak proper English or any other local language. Southeast Asia is from origin a Malayan culture and NOT the Chinese culture!!!

To publish that photo with a headline like that and these comments is RACISM!!! Purposely published trying to stir up resentment against foreigners! 

These girls are residents of Singapore and also have the right to be treated on a respectful way as we all demand. Chinese-Singaporeans are allowed to be themselves in this country, so why not the Pinoy? I found it very sad that the Singaporean government have not take serious action against this form of discrimination. We, the 37% foreigners in this country have also RIGHTS to have a peaceful life in this country and to be respected despite our race or skin color!!!

This is again a typical case where one immigrant judges about the other immigrant. The first immigrant think he or she is allow to do so because they came with millions to this country, put their culture on us and discriminate now everyone else. Don’t demand from other immigrants something what you don’t do by yourself. Get so sick of it!

We, the citizens of Singapore,pledge ourselves as one united people,regardless of race, language or religion,to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

Let’s all respect that pledge and respect each other on who they are and not because they are different then you…