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‘I hate stupid AngMo in our country’

January 19, 2013

Yesterday I found this post and made me really pissed. It proofs that the racial discrimination against other races in Singapore is not something new since the last general elections but has been always there. On 19 June 2008, an local posted this message on a popular forum in Singapore,


He wrote:

I have enough! Enough of those nitwits, good-for-nothing, arrogant S*O*Bitches that our government import in droves…

These idiots come here thinking they own the country and that Singapore/Asian are rural fools that should do their every bidding. Numbskulls, retard, nincompoops!!

Why do we have so many of them in Singapore??

Yesterday, I was turning into an alley when this dickhead started waving angrily at me.. apparently, he was walking his toddler and he thinks I’m turning too wide that I might hit his child. I was in my lane and that bonehead should have stayed on the pavement!

Today, this dimwit was driving against the traffic and he f***king unbelievably wanted me to backup so he can move forward.

Why?Why? Everyday I come across so call FTs who isn’t worth a quarter of what they’re paid; taking up jobs that Singaporean should have no problem doing (infact, many of these idiots depend on Singaporean subordinates to given them advice!)

WTF has our government done to our country?!?!!

Let me make first one thing very clear… ”our country” ???? Is he or she serious? Most of the Singaporeans are descendants of Chinese who fled to Singapore after World War 2 and the independence of Singapore in 1965. And I will not be surprised if above’s poster one of his or her parents or grandparents are immigrants from Malaysia or China. We all know that a lot of the Singaporeans, especially above 25 years of age, are first or second generation immigrants!!

Anyone who can not accept that Singapore get more colorful with mixed races, should take immediately the first airplane out of Singapore and return to the country of his or hers forefathers. They also came one day as immigrants to this country to find a better life or a new future. Same as the current wave of immigrants but now they are suddenly considered as trash! Think many Singaporeans forefathers will turn in their graves around if they know that their descendants are discriminating immigrants and thus indirect against their own forefathers!

This poster comment is racial based and very dangerous. He or she wants  the white people out of Singapore and keep this tiny island reserved only for his or hers race. You know how we call that? RACIAL CLEANSING!!! But if all the white people have to leave this country, let we then also move our wealth out of this country and our companies. Let see or this tiny island still can survive without us… I don’t think so!!! Let we then also kick all the Singaporeans in the UK, Australia and Canada back to Singapore (and the rest of the world!), because then the knife have to cut on both sides. You don’t want us, then we don’t want you too in our countries!!!

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