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Changi Airport Mall

January 23, 2013

I use the airport very frequently for my business and pleasure trips, almost twice a month. Last December when I was going abroad for Christmas, I got some really nasty experiences with day trippers at the airport. The huge crowd of day trippers has an impact on the quality and hospitality of the airport, which to me is very rapid declining.


The airport got in December a kind of Angry Bird promotion which attracted a lot of Singaporeans with their kids to the airport to shop. I don’t mind so long these day trippers have consideration for the travelers and that is the big problem. These day trippers are not travelling but visiting the airport because they love to shop and feel bored. Shopping is the biggest hobby for Singaporeans.

It started already when I parked my car in the basement, not one single spot was available as the whole car park was full thanks these day trippers. It was not even a peak day for travelers but super crowded with shoppers. The airport should have reserved parking for real travelers!!! Other airports in the world have that and call it long term parking!!! You should that a world class airport as Changi suppose to be, should have one. When you check the website of Changi Airport about parking, they even write…

Visitors can now enjoy lower parking rates when they visit Changi Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3 to shop or dine on both weekends and weekday nights (1).

From that we can conclude that Changi Airport is not much more then an ordinary shopping mall and that it is also on the side an airport. Would their focus on the travelers, they would mention it in above  statement and not the shopping and dining visitors.

So when I got finally a spot after waiting at the car park, I had to drag my heavy bags (25kg!) from the end of the parking to the entrance. And of course no trolley to find as these day trippers use it for their handbags and as toys for their kids. Then I had to struggle my way through the ​​day trippers and try to reach my goal, the elevator to the 2nd floor for departure.

Once I reached the elevator, I had to start almost World War 3 to get with my 3 bags into the elevator. People are so stupid and ignorant, they just don’t give you space to let you inside because you have to catch your flight! I was able to get my ride after I missed it for 4 times and a flight attendant had to prevent people going in before me. It’s like the MRT at 6pm at Raffles Quay or Orchard. Unbelievable… it took me almost 30 minutes to park my car and reach the check-in counter…

On it self no problems with it but after my check-in, I couldn’t almost find the passengers entrance as a huge Angry Bird Space Shuttle was blocking it. Problem are the nitwits with their kids around that ugly thing. Blocking the way of the passengers because they have to take pictures of their kids with that damn thing. That you are trying to make your way as a passenger through the terminal to catch your flight, they don’t fucking care about it! When you bump into them accidentally with your trolley because their kids are wild running around, is it suddenly your fault and they looking with dirty faces to you and thinking ”foreigner fuck off!”. Not even one sorry!!!

When I came back it was not much better, airport was again full of unconsidered day trippers. It was even so bad that one of their kids ran into my trolley with my 2 bags and hit me. I didn’t check it on that time but I wish I did. Later when I came home I found out that the kid had hit my screen of my laptop and it was broken. Needed to repair it immediately at Sim Lim Square and cost me S$100 to repair it!!! I wish I could find them to present my bill!!!


To be honest, this kind of airports are quit scary. So huge amount of people without any proper security check at the entrance makes to me Changi Airport an easy target for a terrorist attack. Other major airports in the region have very tight security matters as an terrorist attack is still a serious treat in Southeast Asia.

Imagine that you come as an tourist to Singapore and you have to deal with these kind of nitwits and their ignorance attitude, will you still thinking that Singapore is famous for its hospitality? Changi Airport has lost its focus on their core business, which is being an airport. And a business that forgets its core function, is doomed!!!