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Public housing a hot button issue at dialogue

May 1, 2013

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) should tighten its rules to make flats “more home, less asset”, according to the majority of participants at a recent dialogue on housing issues held at the National Library. Several participants stated that meeting the housing needs of Singaporeans should be HDB’s priority as opposed to seeing flats as appreciating assets, reported The Straits Times.They added that flats should not be sub-let so easily or owned by those who can afford private properties.  Some participants also suggested that new citizens and permanent residents (PRs) should be governed by different rules from born-and-bred citizens, like a longer minimum occupation period in their flats.

Oh give the foreigners again the fault of everything! It’s a group of Singaporeans that is fucking of the other group of Singaporeans, that is the hard truth behind of it. For example, I was renting a HDB in AMK for $2600 each month, a simple small 3 room HDB. The owners where living in a new private property. Why indeed are people allowed to use public housing to make money with? That is indeed stupid! But these people are BORN-AND-BRED citizens and not new immigrants or PRs!!! Most of the home owners who renting there units out are BORN-AND-BRED citizens, living in a private property or with their parents.

HDB should make a few new laws to protect HDBs, you should only be able to own a HDB unit when you really LIVE in the unit and forbid anyone to rent it out. Of course sadly many foreigners are not able to rent a HDB unit anymore and HDB should provide some units in each block for renting.


Why should new citizens and PRs governed by different rules? Some questions about that…

  1. They pay tax in this country too and should be governed equal to anyone else or does these ‘born-and-bred’ citizens forgetting their own pledge?
  2. Why should the ancestors from these ‘born-and-bred’ citizens have the right before to have the same priveleges but now they have a good life and the new immigrants have not anymore the same rights and privileges and treated as trash???