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Swedish Arrogancy

February 12, 2013

Got today a discussion with a Swedish couple who are on holiday in Singapore. Both fitness trainers and addicted to salads and organic food. Not that she has the figure of a fitness trainer, she was ugly fat, but that’s a different story. They were looking for a job as fitness instructor in Singapore… shit! ūüė¶

Tell you what happened. While I was eating my typical Asian brunch, rice with veggies and chicken, they were eating a¬†Cesar¬†Salad with tuna fish. Suddenly they told me that what I was eating, was very unhealthy and I should eat better salads or European organic food. They got even the guts to say that what I was eating is rubbish and only creates¬†diabetics. That comment made me really pissed!!! I should hit them with their salads… aaahhh!!!

These Swedish nitwits coming on holiday to Asia and they have the guts to tell me that what I am eating is wrong while my food is a typical traditional meal in Asia? What the fuck, I don’t tell them also how freaking stupid their IKEA designs are!¬†Thinking that in their Europe everything is much better than in Asia. Why the fuck they go on holiday to Asia then… stupid trash!!

Asia got already a fine dining culture for centuries while their ancestors were still killing each other in the dark ages. Without stealing our spices a few hundred years ago, they were never be able to build a fine dining culture.

I try to explain them that they were the one who are eating wrong. That you should start the day with a good heavy solid meal that gives you a lot of carbs for the day and a light meal is much better at nighttime when your body is already shutting down. Of course they didn’t agree, too blind to see that other cultures maybe know something too. How ignorant you can be if you don’t open yourself for alternatives. Not one culture in the world has the ultimate healthy food. By a top 10 of most healthy food in the world was the top 3 countries from Asia while their Sweden was number 4. Japan was 1, Singapore number 2 and China 3 (1).

Then they started to talk about diabetes, that Asia has the highest amount of diabetics worldwide. That Philippines has a extreme high number of diabetics and they should not eat rice anymore!! If you follow their statics, maybe yes but the real numbers are different. They using for European countries only the registered patients with diabetics and not the additional projected ones as they did with the Asian countries.

    diabetics       Percent    Obesity
Singapore 487 9.36% 6.9%
Philippines 4,321 4.59% 4.3%
Malaysia 2,082 7.43% 16.3%
Japan 7,107 5.12% 3.2%
Sweden 390 4.23% 12.1%
Italy 3,903 5.57% 9.8%
USA 24,113 7.70% 33.9%
UK 3,335 5.59% 23.1%

Malaysia has indeed a high rate of diabetics, that is known but it is still much lower than the USA for example. Philippines has a LOWER diabetics percent than countries such as Italy, Singapore or UK. So which country has the best healthy kitchen? And what is the norm for a healthy lifestyle, diabetics or obesity?¬†Countries such as Sweden, USA, UK and Italy have all a VERY HIGH obesity rating and we all know that obesity can create a lot of diseases such as heart and other organ failures, bone problems due the heavy weight, hernia, high blood pressure, heart infarcts, etc…¬†This means that THEIR FOOD is unhealthy, it develops obesity and from that again a lot of other diseases.

In Asia are living more then 4 billion people, in Europe is this only 730 million and the USA 330 million. In Asia there are more then 6 million cancer cases in 2008 while Europe with much less people, has 3 million cases. The USA has 1.6 million cases. Sadly more people in Asia die of cancer because they don’t have the money always for the medicines. But why if the food and the lifestyle in Europe is so much better, more people get cancer in Europe and the USA than in Asia, Latin America or Africa!!!

Same with their organic shit. Many years they propaganda around that we have to eat organic food but more and more reports telling that organic food by western standards are not always better (3). Food looks maybe cleaner but absolute not more¬†nutritious. I personally think that fresh food and variation in diet is the key for a healthy lifestyle. Asians have it easier, they can buy their fresh fruits, veggies and meat simply at the market. In developed countries the food has to be packed to stay ‘fresh’ for a couple of day (or weeks) and transported to the supermarkets. Meat in Singapore is packed in plastic package with a kind of gas inside to keep it longer ‘fresh’. Buy for example chicken at the NTUC, most times it is already yellow of color and start to smell. In the Philippines or Indonesia, you buy it directly from the market and is the meat only a few hours or days old…. that is what I call fresh and healthy!!!

Until the stats tell me a different story, I will eat daily my bowl of rice and these fake healthy gurus can FUCK ME OFF!!!!¬†I hope they never get a job in Singapore as fitness trainers. I don’t want that they force locals here to eat their shit and developing here slowly their same bad habits and diseases.

(2) Obesity levels worldwide