Geylang in Sembawang

Police raided an area of forest in Sembawang on Tuesday, arresting a total of 40 men and 10 at a makeshift open-air brothel there. The brothel had been in operation along Sembawang Drive in the direction of Admiralty Road, about a kilometre from workers’ dorms.

Nice for the locals, they don’t have to drive anymore to Geylang. Just kidding of course, perfect that the police arrest them and I hope that not only these girls are jailed but these 40 men too.

The posting got immediately comments with terms such as ‘chinaman’, ‘bangla’ and ‘FROM CHINA, THAILAND AND VIETNAM’. Other comment was

” Again we blame the PAP. Why this political party always get blamed for all the wrongdoings by Foreign talents huh?? I know!! Because they invited them here right? ”

” Should deport all this potential aids carrier a.s.a.p.All this so called ft. ”  (note: ft means Foreign Talents)

Who says that one of these girl is not a Singaporean? There are enough local girls working in the prostitution too. And who is probably running this brothel? Yes, SINGAPOREANS!!! Singaporeans who using foreign workers, underpay these girls and running illegal business. Without that LOCAL GUY, they were never able to do this at all. Thanks the LOCAL GUY these girls were working there!… hope that guy also get arrested!!!


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