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March 2, 2013

We all know that Gestapo website, STOMP! If you see anyone in Singapore doing something what is not proper, take a photograph and publish it on this website. That will learn who they are and to behave normal. Most of the times are these posts about nothing and only showcases how narrow minded some Singaporeans are.

Like this one, a Singaporean young guy who serves currently the NS at the Singaporean Air Force, sit downstairs on the void deck with some friends and to smoke a cigaret. He take some pictures and post that on his Facebook. Nothing wrong with of course, except in Singapore where it is forbidden to have fun. Someone spots his pictures and reported that on the national gestapo website.

And he post even:

“In said pictures, the serviceman can be seen with his shirt unbuttoned, cigarette and lighter in hand, spotting a messy and unkempt hairstyle at a void deck.

“He also took pictures with this girl at the void deck, in clear view of the public, which clearly shows the top button being unbuttoned.

“The RSAF is a First Class Air Force, and this kind of unbecoming behaviour may cause the public to have a negative impression towards the Armed Forces.

“I strongly feel that these pictures being circulated online are very misleading and inappropriate to the public and would jeopardize the reputation of the Armed Forces.

“If one is unable to even behave properly in public while in uniform, how can the nation depend on such individuals on matters regarding our safety?

“This NSF should be dealt with accordingly.”

Come on narrow minded freak. Go find a job or something and stop reporting people about nothing. So what that his shirt is unbuttoned and he smokes a cigarette. Maybe that guy is tired of a day hard working and want to relax a little bit. That are normal things for a normal person but it seems that you are totally fucked up and very very narrow minded. Why to report someone whoes does into your eyes something ‘wrong’. Are you perfect? Do you never something what is not right? That means you are not a human, each human makes a mistake sometimes, that makes us human. But of course this robot can’t understand that. Typical a Singaporean mindset, sorry to say that! Even worse is that gestapo website, STOMP, it even permit to post this kind of crap… says much more about the quality of journalism in Singapore than about this young man…