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55% in Singapore is Chinese-Singaporean and NOT 75%!!!

January 17, 2013

What are the real demographics of Singapore? There is a lot of confusion about it. The Singapore Department of Statistics reports overall population figures for Singapore (4.48 million in 2006), as a matter of policy, it only provides more detailed demographic breakdown analysis for the approximately 80% of the population who are Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (collectively termed ‘residents’). Of this group of about 3.6 million people, Chinese form 75.2%, Malays form 13.6%, Indians form 8.8%, while Eurasians and other groups form 2.4%.

There are living 5.08 million people living in Singapore in 2010 and only 3,771,700 are counted as resident (census 2010 SingStat). About 74.1% of the residents are Chinese-Singaporean, which is 2,794,829 people and is about 55% of the total population in Singapore and not 75%!!! I didn’t add the 1 million PRC Chinese (5) in Singapore as Chinese-Singaporeans love to see themselves different from the Chinese and love to call them PRC Shit or Foreign Trash.

Official figures show that the number of foreigners on short-term permits (termed ‘non-residents’) has grown from 30,900 in 1970 to 797,900 in 2005, which translate roughly to a 24-fold increase in 35 years, or from 1% of the population in 1970 to 18.3% in 2005. Despite this huge increase, no further breakdown is given by Singstat.

Some studies attempted to cast light on the demographic profile of Singapore’s non-resident. According to ‘The Encyclopedia of the Indian Diaspora’ (published in 2006), “independent surveys approximate the number of South Asians on work permits to be between 30-35 per cent of the total ‘Indian’ population in Singapore, or approximately 90,000-100,000.” Based on this, we can estimate that, as of June 2006, the Indian population formed 12.5% of the non-resident population, and therefore numbered between 415,000 and 430,000, or about 9.5% of the total population of about 4.5 million. It is likely the population of ‘others’ is similarly greater than suggested by the figures for the ‘resident’ population. Conversely, it is likely that the Chinese form significantly less than 75% of the total population of 4.5 million (2006).

A recent figure released by the Straits Times on 20 July 2010 shows that the total population of Non Resident Singaporeans (PRs + foreigners) is around 1.79 million of which Indians are 400,000 (22.35%). It is noteworthy that the number of Indian PRs and foreigners have doubled in the last 2 years! An increase of 200,000 in 2 years may portend a rapid shift in the demographic scenery of Singapore.

  • 1970: 2.07 million (2.01m SC/SPR & 61,000 foreigners)
  • 1980: 2.41 million (2.28m SC/SPR & 131,000 foreigners)
  • 1990: 3.05 million (2.74m SC/SPR & 311,000 foreigners)
  • 2000: 4.03 million (3.27m SC/SPR & 745,500 foreigners)
  • 2006  4.48 million (3.60m SC/SPR & 875,000 foreigners)
  • 2007  4.5886 million (3.1338 SC / 0.4492  SPR & 1.0055 foreigners)
  • 2008  4.8394 million (3.1644 SC / 0.4782 SPR & 1.1967 foreigners)
  • 2010  5.08 million as at 31/06/10 (3.2m SC / 0 .540m SPR & 1.31m foreigners (Advanced Census release)

Other example, there are living more then 180,000 overseas Filipino workers (OFW) in Singapore (4), that is 4.7% of the Singapore population. Same for the European race, approximately 166,000 Caucasians resides in Singapore, or 4.4% of the population. Singapore has also about 16,400 Indonesians and 45,000 Thai residing which is about 1,3%.

SingStats says that less than 3.3% in Singapore is non-Chinese, Malay or Indian. That is not correct, it should be around 10-14% of the population! The actual numbers are much higher then I show above and many other nationalities have not even been taken in our calculation such as the Vietnamese, Myanmar, Malays with Malay Passport and no PR’s, Arabs, Japanese, Koreans and Africans.

Part of non-residents in total population
1970 1980 1990 2000 2009
Non-residents (Non Citizens & PRs) 2.9% 5.5% 10.2% 18.7% 25.3%

If you ask me, this racial breakdown by SingStat of the residents (Citizens + PRs) is pure created to keep the ratio for the Chinese-Singaporean people in Singapore higher than it actually is. A higher racial quota means more spots reserved for Chinese-Singaporeans in the schools and public housing and higher funding for their cultural programs. Singapore should have racial quotas based on the real demographics of Singapore and that means EVERYONE who works and lives in Singapore! Current system is pure discrimination to put one race above the others… better is to get totally rid of these racial quotas, Singapore as a global city is so mixed these days….