When are you Singaporean?

Is holding a Singaporean passport enough to call you a Singaporean? If you follow the many discussions on the internet, you have to conclude ‘no’. Singaporeans love to make a difference between themselves and the ‘new-citizens’. These are immigrants who came to Singapore and are neutralized to Singaporean Citizen. They hold the Singaporean nationality and passport and their kids have to go in the army as anyone else. People who want to build a new future in Singapore as we all do. Whatever what they do, they are still not seen as local but as an immigrant.

Even their kids when they are born in Singapore are not seen as Singaporean by this group of Singaporeans. ‘’ Oh your parents are from Thailand, so you are a foreigner lah ‘’, is a line what many of these kids have to hear frequently.

My friend has the same problem. His family has always lived in Singapore, he is born in Singapore (after 1965) as his forefathers and he served his military duty for this country. Still is he asked frequently or he is a foreigner, just because his skin colour. When he says that he is Singaporean by birth, they all ask where his father is coming from. When he answers ‘Singapore’, they all are looking confused to him like or it can’t be. Then he explains to them that his great-great- grandfather came to Singapore around 1860 and since then his family has always lived here. Now you think they will be quiet and understand he is NATIVE Singaporean… eh not really. They have then even the guts to ask where his great-great-grandfather is from and when he answers ‘England’, they response always with ‘’ oh so you are English ‘’ !?!

Come on what is that for fucking racist way of thinking. A white person whose is totally rooted in this country for more than 150 years is still considered as an immigrant by a Chinese-Singaporean which grandparents are immigrants. This is pure racial thinking and bloody retarded.

One time he got the same discussion with a cabbie and he asked him or he can then speak ‘Mandarin’ or ‘Hokkien’. When he said ‘no’, the Chinese-Singaporean answered to him that he is not a Singaporean at all because he cannot speak Chinese. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Malay and Indian are here the native citizens of this country and they don’t speak Chinese too and this retardo thinks that they are not Singaporean then too???? My friend stood up and scolded that guy in Malay for everything came up in his mind. This is kind of racist what is not unique in Singapore but many people have experienced that frequently.

But when you call yourself then a Singaporean? By international standards you are natural born citizen when your grandparents and parents all are born in the same country as you are born and are born with a local passport. We all know that many Chinese-Singaporean in Singapore at least one of their grandparents or parents is an immigrant from China, Malaysia or Indonesia.

If I looked to one of my friends for example, her mother is a Malay-Chinese, her father Singaporean but her grandparents are Chinese immigrants. So that makes her a first-generation Singaporean and not native Singaporean. Another friend of mine, a Malay, his father and mother are born in Singapore but his grandparents are Malaysians. That makes of him a second-generation immigrant.

Only a third-generation immigrant is considered as a natural local born citizen!!! Or in other words, anyone whom parents and grandparents are local born is considered as a local. If one of them is an immigrant, you are considered 1st or 2nd generation immigrant!


Singapore is an IMMIGRATION COUNTRY! This country is from everyone who lives and works in Singapore. Everyone who love this country and had chosen to build an future in this country. A country where all our children will be born and raised to be Singaporeans. Whatever race they are, Chinese, Malay, Indian, Filipino, Caucasian, African or whatever, they are Singaporeans!!! Even a damn martian can call himself one day Singaporean.

Anyone who can not accept that Singapore get more colorful with mixed races, should take immediately the first airplane out of Singapore and return to the country of his or hers forefathers. They also came one day as immigrants to this country to find a better life or a new future. Same as the current wave of immigrants but now they are suddenly considered as trash! Think many Singaporeans forefathers will turn in their graves around if they know that their descendants are discriminating immigrants and thus indirect against their own forefathers!


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