Are Singaporeans anti-foreigner?

A Yahoo online poll asking “Are Singaporeans becoming anti-foreigner?” produced a strong response, with 80% (15,811 votes) voting yes and the rest in the negative (3,952 votes). Yahoo wrotes:

The much talked about taxi-Ferrari accident sparked nationwide interest in Singapore. The Ferrari driver Ma Chi was a China national from Sichuan and his high-speed collision into a taxi killed him along with cabby Cheng Teck Hock and Japanese passenger Shigemi Ito. That gave already disgruntled Singaporeans another reason to vent their frustration at the government’s pro-immigration policies which have resulted in over a million foreign workers and professionals into the crowded city-state.

Yahoo! reader Alex Tan said, “Singaporeans are not against foreigners. But rather to be precise against some of the foreign labor and influx of immigrants.”

Another reader Evelyn believes the government should do more to educate foreigners on the culture and lifestyle here.

Is this taxi accident the only reason why Singaporeans have become anti-foreigner or has it been always the same but never visible towards Singaporeans itself. Ask many foreigners who live in Singapore for a longer time and they will tell you that nothing changed but it has more and more become public on the internet. Ask the Malays and Indians who are the original residents of this tiny island, they will answer probably the same. Racial discrimination has been always in Singapore, it has only resurfaced the last years.

Singapore has a bad reputation of racial riots. In 1964 and 1969 many people died and hundreds got injured during clashes between the Malay and Chinese. Both riots started by Chinese and especially the secret societies. In 1964 Chinese people started to throw bottles to Muslim in a march from Padang to Geylang and in 1969, 20-30 Chinese people attacked houses in Jalan Ubi and Jalan Kayu.

Alex Tan, if you are against the policies of the government, then you should point your arrows on the government and not against the foreigners.  That is not fair! How you will feel if you know that your ancestor who came as IMMIGRANT to Singapore, probably after World War II or the independence of Singapore, would be treated the same by the local people in Singapore? Would be unfair too, isnt?

And Evelyn, why then so many Chinese-Singaporean immigrants who have come to Singapore are NOT INTEGRATED into this society! Many of them are unable to speak proper English or even English at all. I know here many aunties and uncles who are even BORN in this country and don’t speak one single word of English! Is that the Singaporean culture and lifestyle you want? Lucky has the Singaporean government more a multi-cultural policy approach in Singapore which gives us all the RIGHT to life our own lives regarding our own cultures. Chinese-Singaporeans are allowed to do that, so be the Indians, Malay, Pinoy and anyone else in this country!!!


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